Friday, March 5, 2010

There's Something in the Air....

This is my impression of about half the blog entries I've read this week:

You suck, your campaign sucks, your gaming ideology sucks, your system of choice sucks, your blog sucks, and your mom sucks. (Especially your mom.)

Looks a little something like this, in my mind...


  1. Hopefully we have come to the end. For now.

  2. That's pretty much how all of my sessions end.

  3. HAha. Glad to see more blog posts with videos. :D

    I'm not planning to post about this... but if I was I'd use something like this. (I can't watch it without laughing)

  4. you can never have too many clips in your blog of The greatest film in American cinema history

  5. I think of it more in terms of neckbeard Sumo... ;)

  6. One of the goals of the OSR is to GROW this hobby.
    That will require appealing to the youth. There are few things more distasteful to a teenager (I know, I game with them)
    then to see old (any body over 30 in their eyes)
    gamers attacking each other.

    It is one thing to critique another’s gaming philosophy or opinion,
    but it is totally destructive to our hobby to insult or name-call from the safety
    (distance and anonymity)
    of the internet.
    Angry words without the potential for real violence are pathetic.

    There is a big emotional disconnect in humans between being told
    ‘I don’t agree with you’ versus
    ‘You are a XXXX”
    The previous tact is especially acceptable if you site facts or examples.

    Ten good posts can be cancelled out by a single childish or petty rant.

    If we lose the youth, it will not be because of lack of quality product,
    but incivility.

    “I have seen the enemy, it is us.”