Monday, April 19, 2010

A few random updates

*I ended up going to a convention yesterday...a small one, in it's first year, in my hometown. It was a day trip only, but I got to see a lot of people I hadn't seen in quite a few years. I was alarmed at the fact that not a single roleplaying game that was scheduled actually ran. I was going to run some off the cuff B/X D&D, but I was press-ganged into a game of Dominion, which I had never played and was pretty fun. I certainly hope the complete lack of tabletop rpgs isn't some kind of symptom... the dealer's room also had not a single gaming book on the shelves.

*Sunday night Deadlands runs with only a GM and two players now. My only real misgiving about the system (that being the way damage works) still stands. It is otherwise a quick and simple system and I like how fast it (usually) plays.

*My AD&D game has moved to Mondays, specifically to allow the reentry of a beloved and missed player. (Who, until his class scheduled changed,had sterling attendance and punctuality) I am also running it every other week, as this was a necessary requirement to keep everyone. The off week will actually be used for one-shots, people who want to give other systems a shot, etc. I feel good about this, as it allows a little variety in my gaming life. It might also be a necessity given the amount of personal time my vocation often requires me to put in.


  1. Was it the Lincoln Con? I considered going.

    You going to the May 1st game day? I think there will be a few games of B/X or OD&D even.

  2. It was Constellation in Lincoln, yes.

    I wasn't aware of the May 1st game day... but sure, I suppose I can give it a go. I'm always down for D&D. You running anything?

  3. I think I will.

  4. Using every second Monday for a regular game, and the remaining Mondays for one-shots to try new systems is what we do as well.

    It's good to have a weekly game. It adds a certain urgency to game nights.

    Then again, getting to know new systems is also interesting.