Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Stuff I Didn't Need

I spent five bucks at the LGS tonight. I got the following things:

-Cleric's Challenge
-Thief's Challenge
-Some issue of Dungeon from 1994.

I bought the Challenge modules because I had never owned any besides Wizard's Challenge and it's sequel. I'd like to see examples of adventures built to challenge specific classes.

I bought the issue of Dungeon because it was a buck. I've paged through it but I'm not thrilled. The highlight so far is the angry letter from a fan saying that a wish used in a previous adventure that turns the party into gnolls is too powerful. He tersely asks that the staff of TSR not use spells so "liberally." Wa ha ha.

There is a low-magic maritime adventure that does look promising in a collection of otherwise uninspiring modules. Maybe you guys just spoil me with your various crazy ass OSR products. (Then again, anything seems bland when you're reading stuff like Eldritch Weirdness, Death Frost Doom, etc.)

I took inventory of my bookshelf last night, and to my dismay, I have over fifty roleplaying games on it. (If you count different editions of various games as different games, which I do.... otherwise I have 46ish.) I will never have time to play and run them all in this lifetime, though having the summers off will certainly help me get close...provided I can stop adding things to my collection.


  1. Hm... I've run both Cleric's Challenge and Thief's Challenge. Not bad, either of them. I'd say make sure the cleric PC has some vials of holy water or a minor magic weapon in that particular module, otherwise he/she won't survive a certain encounter.

    The thief module actually turned into quite a deep investigation for us. There's a lot of juggling of NPC's to be done though.

  2. That's not entirely true, about you having 50 games on your shelf. Some of those games are mine. :-)

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