Friday, April 23, 2010

Speak of the Devil

Recently, I'd been thinking fondly on Vampire: the Dark Ages. (The original version, not the revised) It was a game that no less than three of my friends tried to run at some point during my college years, but it never seemed to get off the ground. I had put it largely out of my mind until the convention last weekend, when I ran into an old friend (not one of those three previously mentioned) who was running the Giovanni Chronicles campaign for Dark Ages. The gears of nostalgia began a-churnin' (well, sort of... I never actually owned a copy of V:tDA.)

Tonight I was at the used book store with the missus and what did I chance upon? That very tome, Vampire: the Dark Ages. I snagged it.

I also snagged a copy of the AD&D 1st edition Monster Manual II. Although I'm pretty sure most of those monsters are included in OSRIC, it was seven bucks, and I do enjoy having the old books on my shelf.


  1. More vingate D&D books are always good!

  2. and "vintage" books too! (A definate case of the fat fingers there.)

  3. I like the MM2. All hail the Modrons!

  4. No, not the Modrons! Flying planks! I'm half-tempted to staple those pages together so that I never have to see them again.

  5. I had a very similar experience with V:tDA, where we tried launching two or three separate campaigns that never really got off the ground, yet the sessions we did play were way awesome. Good to see you were able to snag a copy!

    I also really enjoyed Cainite Heresy and Transylvania By Night.

  6. I also snagged a copy of the AD&D 1st edition Monster Manual II.

    To quote a departed weblofriend: "MM2; all stork monsters, all the time" :)