Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fare Thee Well, Delfig

As you may already know, Alexis over at The Tao of D&D started an online play-by-post campaign in his blog in early 2009. I was fortunate enough to join the game, playing a half-orc assassin named Kazimir Kropt. The players were all bloggers in this corner, though I know that at least two of them have discontinued their blogs (much to my dismay.) The campaign was quite unlike anything I had played in before, I was glad to be part of it. It went on hiatus from June 2009 until October 2009, but unfortunately I did not rejoin the campaign, due largely in part to being unable to post much at work anymore. (I had always felt I did a pretty poor job of keeping up to speed, and I knew that trying to post once a day from work probably wasn't going to cut it... bug I digress.)

In the time that I played, the party was split and I ended up tooling around with the party's bard, Delfig. I really got to enjoy my character and his.
Unfortunately, posting at work was sometimes sporadic for me, and my character ended up just missing an event that would apparently have campaign repercussions (for Delfig) nearly a year (real time) after I would part ways with the campaign.
Delfig and Kazimir stuck together during some pretty harrowing stuff during the first campaign arc, not the least of which was rushing through the demon-infested streets of Dachau in a desperate attempt to find the paladin Hornung. It was some good gaming.

When the campaign restarted, I think Delfig was the only original party member left. I know virtually nothing about the rest of the new characters. I was shocked to learn that Delfig (the character) recently committed suicide, having been stuck in prison with the possibility of having his blood harvested to open more hellish gates, just like in the beginning of the campaign.

Given the body count of my current campaign, I have to say I was surprised at how bummed I am to hear that Delfig died (once again, with the disclaimer: the fictional character, not his player, who is alive and presumably well.) What also bothers me, more than I could have anticipated, is that there is likely no way that my retired character, Kazimir, would have heard about it. Kazimir was a bit of a lout and a stone cold killer at times (he was an assassin after all), but I felt that he had genuinely become friends with Delfig.

On a personal level, I was sad to see Delfig's player discontinue his blog... and now he has discontinued his character in a most wretched and unhappy ending. From what I've read, he has also quit following the campaign blog and vanished into the ether. This is sad for me, because he's vanished for a second time.

I'd like to think that Kazimir, whatever foolishness he's been up to in Dachau since he quit adventuring with Delfig, would have taken issue with his friend being in prison. I like to think that Kazimir would have at least tried to do something about it, what with his assassin's disguise skill and all.

Fare thee well, Delfig, in and out of character.


  1. Maybe Kazimir made it look like suicide as he couldn't rescue Delfig and wanted to spare him from the ceremony?

  2. Huh. I find this a surprisingly touching anecdote, Ryan. Sounds like a pretty good campaign.

  3. Yeah man, that's pretty sad when a character in the game commits suicide for noble reasons. Eesh. :_(