Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Game Day

One of the conventions in my metro area is dedicated to gaming only. This convention has several small game days throughout the calendar year, prior to the main event in October. I attended one such game day today. There were supposed to be games of Traveller, Savage Worlds, and Metamorphosis Alpha...none of which ended up running due to the GMs not showing up, or lack of interested players. The only things that ran were the official RPGA D&D 4 games and a 3.5 dungeon crawl, neither of which hold the least bit of interest for me. I had thoughts of running a pick up game of B/X D&D, which I happened to have in my bag, but all available players ended up in the 3.5 game or the LARP that was going on. I ended up spending the entire day playing Talisman and/or Left 4 Dead, which, in retrospect, I didn't really need to go to a game day to do.

I believe I will get registered ASAP for the next local con, coming up in July. I'm going to run B/X. Hey, it's how I met the guy who tried to run MA earlier today. The con will have more people at it, so hopefully I'll be able to fill a table like I did last summer with my Temple of Zirugar module.

My final word: I suppose it was nice to play Talisman with different people... kept me on my toes, if nothing else.

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  1. There are not many conventions or Game Days around here. There is one that is held, but the majority of it is board and card games. There was a 4th edition and a 3.5 edition going on at different times. Rob (Bat in the Attic) signed up to do a S&W module. Not too much interest although I had the pleasure of meeting Al (Beyond the Black Gate) so that made the trip worthwhile. Good luck with your game day.