Friday, May 21, 2010

Good and Bad

Ok, so the Vampire game I was supposed to attend last night was canceled at the last minute. I didn't find this out until I actually called the guy who was supposed to be running it. I should have probably called before I went to the gaming shop where it was to be held. Lame.

However, out of the ashes of my proposed evening came two good things:

1. I found, of all things, a used copy of the Fiend Folio. Yes, I bought a copy of the Fiend Folio. Suck it.

2. A copy of Of Beasts and Men, a supplement for The Riddle of Steel that had been on the shelves so long it was marked down to three bucks. The likelihood of ever seeing a physical book from this game line again, plus the low cost, made it a must-buy for a crazed collector like me.

Oh, anecdote... I was at Ye Used Bookstore today, and I saw two mint-condition copies of Terra Primate. Having only ever seen a physical copy once, (and that was at a gaming store in Las Vegas*) I was rather shocked to see two of them. I photographed them with my phone, since I consider a physical copy of Terra Primate to be on par with the Yeti in terms of credible sightings. Though they were marked down to ten bucks, I did not buy one... I may be a collector and I may enjoy obscure games, but a game about talking apes is a little too niche, even for moi.

Here's hoping the game runs next week. If it cancels next Friday, I will probably write it off. I value Friday night too much to slot it with an unreliable game. Oh, least I made a decent character I could see playing for more than two or three sessions.

*Yes, I went to a gaming store in Las Vegas. I also went to a Star Trek bar.


  1. Fret not, the Fiend Folio is the new old school cool. Or at least, I ordain it as such. I know, I hated it back in the day, but now it holds a much higher place than say, any 2e book. Just sayin'. And I'm not even bugged by 2e stuff that much.

  2. the Fiend Folio, iirc, has many monsters in my favorites list . . . which happens to include the Kamadan, one of the coolest monsters(and blatant rip off of a displacer beast) in the entire game. It's a leopard with snakes!

  3. A third voice for the inimitable (and illimitable) Fiend Folio. The too-cool-for-school kid sister of the AD&D book family.

  4. Of Beasts and Men was a good pick-up, as was the FF if you didn't already have a copy. I agree with the other commentators that is has some of my favorite AD&D least one or two of which made it into my B/X Companion (at least, in variant form). I prefer the Fiend Folio to the MM2 certainly.

    RE: Terra Primate.

    I actually did pick this up (used) a little more than a year ago...and probably for the same price (10 bones). In many ways its system is nothing special...about as close to a "generic" RPG as anything you'd find. However, it has a LOT of ideas for running various short or one-off "ape themed" adventures (or long-term campaigns if you REALLY like that kind of thing) and has the ape-specific feats/quirks/skills to do it. Which I thought was interesting enough to add to the book shelf.
    : )