Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Don't Even Try To Fight It Anymore

There was a mother load at the used book store today... complete core set of AD&D 1st edition rules plus Dungeoneer's Survival Guide, Rogue Trader and Dark Heresy, and an entire shelf of NWoD, including all the "guest" core books and some of the older ones as well, plus various and sundry miscellaneous items. It looks like someone really "shot their WoD."

....I felt a brief flicker of shame for that pun, just now...but it has passed.

I picked up Rogue Trader because it was $28 (plus my 15% off coupon) and usually retails for $60. I will not pay $60 for an rpg book, not even if the cover is made of gold and a magical nymph jumps out and gives me a lap dance every time I open up the Combat chapter. I like the WFRP system, and to be fair, I wanted Rogue Trader and would have waited for it, but when Black Industries announced they were folding, I grabbed Dark Heresy because I thought it was my last chance. How was I to know that Fantasy Flight would come to the rescue? (Well, in terms of the 40k rpg... still kind of hacked off about WFRP 3rd, but that's another post for another night.)

In addition to Rogue Trader, I picked up the demonic supplement for NWoD, since I've had an exorcist campaign idea rolling around in my brain now, and the used copy was cheaper than getting it online.

Non-gaming items included Total Recall on DVD (get your ass to Mars, indeed) and Xenogears for the PS1, which I keep looking at to make sure it doesn't vanish into the ethereal world of my imagination. Anyway...

Earlier this week my copy of Pirates of the Spanish Main arrived. I heard it was going out of print, and I have the notion to run it this weekend at the pirate-themed geek convention I will be attending in Des Moines.


  1. Swag! I've quit going to the used book stores but have been shopping in the bargin aisle at Amazon more. I had to get a copy of Gurps for Dummies, just because...? Well, it was cheap and I'm really enjoying the book too.

  2. Bravo for that pun...

    Also - you should watch this:

  3. Pirates of the Spanish Main is the best Piratical RPG I have yet seen.