Monday, May 10, 2010

Mutants and Masterminds

I have mentioned, in passing, my continuing search for a superhero rpg system. Having heard good things about M&M (heh), I put it on my wish list and ended up getting it for Xmas. It wasn't until last week that I actually cracked the thing open and did more than skim.

My initial impressions are mixed. I burned out hard on 3.5/d20, though M&M has done some different things. There are no classes or levels, which is good, because I think that classed/leveled supers games don't work. The point buy system actually reminds me a lot of Champions, though it manages to retain a lot of the flexibility, M&M dumps a lot of the crunch of Champs. I also like the lack of a hit point system.
In short order, I cranked out an M&M conversion of my old Champions character from high school.

I'm not sure if I'd ever run this, but I can already tell that I would enjoy it a lot more than Champions. This is also a d20 game that I would actually play without reservation, and without having to look up an "effective" build on the internet. (Since it appears that the only way to have any fun playing 3.5 is to have a pimpin' build)


  1. I've heard reasonably good things about it, also.

  2. Greywulf did a series of articles on it. Basically came to the conclusion that you could do any genre with it. If you can only play one game...

  3. Mutants and Masterminds will be the engine for the DC Universe rpg due out this summer. :)

  4. It looks like there may be a chance that the DC game will be a M&M light of sort.

    If you can stand FATE there is to be released ICONS from the guy who made M&M.

  5. Woah-ho!
    --I could see myself purchasing that. :)

  6. Greywulf's M&M week made me want to buy M&M, and their Fantasy add-on...

    If you're still looking for alternatives, I liked the Zorceror of Zo (but never played it). It used a PDQ variant that has also been used for a supers game: Trusth & Justice. Maybe something to consider?

  7. I have enjoyed what M&M I have played and run. It does just about everything I want from a supers RPG without too much complexity.

    But I also enjoyed Supercrew and I am very much looking forward to Icons.

  8. My brief description of M&M to one of my players has not only seemingly sold him on it, but he is now out to get himself the True20 core book as a possible replacement to 3.5/d20 Modern.

    I have heard about the DC book, though I have a DC Heroes boxed set from the WEG days. ;)

    I did also pick up the Savage Worlds Super Powers companion, mostly because I wanted a big book o' powers for SaWo... but I haven't had the chance to crack that open yet. More on that later... (Hmm... M&M vs. SWSP?)