Saturday, May 22, 2010

Out of Gas

I have noticed that the tone of my blog has been distinctly... well, not so much negative, but very tired as of late; I post about disappointment with canceled games, crappy game rooms at conventions, etc.

Aside from this, I find that I have become fairly unenthusiastic about my current campaign, which has not run for more than two weeks. Whereas I used to look forward to it all week, I find that Monday sneaks up on me and I haven't prepared a single thing for it... nay, haven't given it a moment's thought.

I think I need to step away and recharge. I have a lot of ideas racing through my head tonight, but I feel sluggish and weighed down.

I'll be back in a few days, or when I feel like I've got something to write that is worth reading about...whichever comes first.


  1. You know good sir, I have been contemplating the stalledness of our adventure a bit these last few weeks. Aside from the over arching dynamics of the long term campaign and the special combination of individuals it takes to keep it going, I have come to one important conclusion:

    You are an incredibly good Game Master, yes in caps. You are extremely creative, awesome at adjusting on the fly. You are thoughtful of your players needs and work hard to keep it interesting for all involved. You are patient with our sometimes stupid and pointless digressions. Balance is an ever present aspect of the campaigns you run.

    I am truely blessed to have two GM's like this in my life. You obviously being one of them. Cosmic J the other. I hope I have and will continue to live up to your standards, but on the player side.

    The bottom line here? Run what you want to run. Run a world that you find interesting. Do that, and I will move the heavens and the earths to participate in them. If you are enjoying the world and story you are building and leading, I know that it will be a fun ride for your players.

    Thank you for being the rare gem that you are, a truly amazing Game Master!

    Please stop blushing you too modest person you.

  2. ...And yet, yours is one of the first blogs I'm always checking for new posts. Guess I'm weird.
    : )

  3. Taking breaks is really good advice. I would have burnt out totally if I hadn't taken a few over the past years.

    Bloggers (at least I do and it seems others) get it into their heads that they must post, every X unit of time. That they "owe" it to their readers. We end up posting for the sake of posting rather than when we are enthusiastic about something interesting.

    See ya on the flipside.