Saturday, May 29, 2010

Presents From the Wife

The missus was at the used book store last night. They were having a 20% off everything sale, so she decided to pick me up a few things:

-Another copy of the AD&D PHB (wizard cover, my preference) She didn't know it was the same book, but it's never bad to have extra PHBs around during a game session. Also, this one appears to be in slightly better condition than the one I bought previously.

-Another copy of the AD&D DMG, but this one has the cover I wanted and couldn't get. It has the cover with the green robed fellow throwing open a pair of huge doors. I always vastly preferred this cover to the one with the efreet on it, which I consider to be a fairly crappy picture.

-The Dungeoneer's Survival Guide, which I have never owned and don't really know much about. Flipping through it, there is a boat load of information about subterranean adventures, which I often have a problem mapping and writing. There also seem to be non-weapon proficiencies (quick, true believers, get your torches and pitchforks) and the book seems to assume that the owner must also own Unearthed Arcana (which I do), as information about the acrobat and cavalier were included on some of the tables.

So thanks to the missus for getting these for me, and for a song, no less. (I think they were four or five bucks a shot after the discount) I think at this point, I only have to get a few more books before I have a relatively complete collection.
(Although, I think a collection is never really complete...)


  1. Good haul! On my last visit to the local used book store there were no copies of 1st ed. or 3.5 PHBs or DMGs but I did fine a Hacklopedia of Beast for $2.00.

  2. The revised cover DMG was the first DMG I ever owned. I used it immensely in my youth, eventually switching over to the Efreet cover when it became waaay too destroyed. Perhaps someday, I'll find a decent copy myself.
    : )

  3. Very nice! What a great wife!

  4. Your missus is one fine lady Ryan.

    And I agree with you on the DMG. The wizard+doors cover had more mystique.