Thursday, May 13, 2010

Send in the Cons

I have already attended one small convention this year, one held in my native town. This weekend the missus and I will be attending one in Iowa. In addition, I have plans to attend no less than three other cons this summer, including the one that I attended here in town in July of last year.

The difference between this weekend's outing and prior cons is that, wife aside, I'm not sure that anybody I know will be attending. This creates a certain nervousness on my part, as I wish to run B/X D&D and I'm not sure if I'll be able to fill the seats. Gamers at cons have somewhat limited attention spans, and with good reason: they've probably paid fifty bucks plus hotel to be there, and a weekend can speed by quickly, so convention attendees must jam-pack their schedules to get the most bang for their buck. (I certainly try)

I was perusing some classic D&D adventures today, many of which are lists of lairs and encounters. (Keep on the Border Lands, Isle of Dread, etc) I keep forgetting how long term/slow boat old rpgs are supposed to be. (I am often reminded of this when it is XP time in my AD&D game, though the lesson seems to be forgotten weekly)
I'm starting to wonder if B/X might be the right game to run at cons.

I had also planned to run a pirate themed scenario for Savage Worlds, but it did not come together. There doesn't seem to be much of an organized gaming schedule, so perhaps I can do a pickup game if the mood strikes me. I wonder... perhaps I can learn the starting adventure in the back of Pirates of the Spanish Main on the drive up...Savage Worlds is so very easy to learn and run... yesssss....

However, there are still hours to go before I succumb to sleep (hopefully.) Time enough to throw together a few dungeon levels, I wager.

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  1. A bit late again (that's what happens when you read through a blog from the beginning) but a lot of the original adventures published for D&D/AD&D were published specifically for cons. If you are looking at Keep on the Borderlands and Isle of Dread, widely regarded as two of the best sandbox campaigns, then you are just looking at the wrong ones.