Saturday, June 26, 2010

Interesting Turn of Events

Some of the guys from my martial arts training have expressed interest in old style D&D. Two of them play 4th ed but are willing to give it a go. One of them has never gamed before. We'd be having short game sessions (2-3 hours) on Friday nights after our normal training session. (One of them lives a short distance from the school and has offered to host.) We need to hammer out the details, as we just started talking about it last when we went out after training.

Meanwhile, a few of the people in my RIFTS group have started talking about AD&D 1st edition, and have asked me what I think about DMing it. You can probably guess my answer.

Finally, Josh from my group was invited to an AD&D 2nd edition (Planescape) game. I am apparently invited by proxy.

Gaming four days a week is probably not sustainable, especially once summer is over. However, I do need to get int on some of this gaming action.

Oh, and I almost forgot... the wife seems to have a bit of the D&D bug after watching that British Merlin TV show.


  1. Too many opportunities to game Old School. A problem I wish I shared.

    Good luck with bringing these incomers onboard.

  2. Pay somebody back in his own coin..................................................................