Sunday, June 20, 2010

Other, Less Vitriolic Thoughts

-One of the guys from the RIFTS game emailed me tonight and asked about Beyond the Supernatural or AD&D 1st edition. That's promising.

-My buddy Josh brought some stuff from Free RPG day, one of which was a Pathfinder adventure. It seems the adventure is previewing material from an upcoming "advanced" Pathfinder book that will contain, among other things, six new core classes. Hmm. Pathfinder, though I have little love for ye, I'd hate to see you go down the road of your forerunner. I don't want to check back on you in a year and find out that you've got 75 core classes and 7,500 prestige classes. Prove me wrong. Please.
Bonus points for having an alchemist core class. Unfortunately, it appears that his potions mainly only work on himself. Obviously this is preview material, so I hope that changes, because otherwise he's kind of a crap alchemist, don't you think? Besides, in the wise words of Biggie Smalls: "Never get high on your own supply."

The other item he brought was a preview from Deathwatch, the third (and presumably final) Warhammer 40K RPG. Given that it will probably be a $60 core book like the other 40K rpgs, I'll hope to find it in a used book store or to get it with a big ass gift card, which is how I acquired the other 40K games. Of course, given the growing unlikelihood of me running a 40K game, perhaps I won't bother.

-Tonight my wife asked me if I'd ever consider running WFRP 2nd edition again. I ran a game over the spring/summer of 2008 and I'd call it a pretty good success. The game ended because it came to a natural conclusion, but I enjoyed it and remember it fondly. I don't know why it had never occurred to me to run it again. I'd be tempted to set it in the Border Princes, since that part of the game world seems to be "officially unmapped" and left to each individual GM, but I think the Old World is big enough that I could find a corner comfortable enough to make my own. (Typically I dislike pre-fab settings, though Warhammer is an odd exception)
I wouldn't even mind getting most of that original group back together. (One player I'm no longer in contact with whatsoever, and another went off to grad school, but one is my wife, one is the aforementioned Josh, and one lives only about forty-five minutes away...)

-I wonder if my "aerial steampunk" game could work with True20? Still, given the swashbuckling antics I envision in my brain, Savage Worlds might still be a better route to go. (I also hate most d20 style vehicle rules with a passion that burns like the fire of a thousand there's also that.)

I suppose it's time to call it a week. Good night, gentle readers.


  1. The newest release for Pathfinder, the Games Masters something-or-other, is pretty cool and opens up the game to pretty much anything, which is one of the more clever ways to cross genres.

    I like Pathfinder, what can I say. I like Wayne Reynolds art for Pathfinder, much of which is much less over the top than his 4e work, which I believe is on purpose.

    Pathfinder is more complicated, but just as fun once you get the ball rolling.

  2. My kid wants to run Deathwatch. He's jazzed about that adventure, have you read it yet?

    The local half price books had the WHFRP2 core book and a bestiary, a big campaign/adventure and a couple of resource books.

  3. ancient-
    Pathfinder is more complicated, but just as fun once you get the ball rolling.
    Considering how I feel about 3.5/d20 in general, saying "it's just as fun" is like telling me that a root canal is as much fun as having my toenails ripped out with a pair of pliers. ;)

    Dar- I think the fact that your son wants to run stuff is awesome. If he runs something at OSFEST or one of the NukeCon events, I will totally play.
    I did not read the adventure, because I have no intention of running it... and if someone I know does run it, I can play in it.

  4. If my wife requested I run ANY version of Warhammer Fantasy RPG, I would buy her a diamond necklace. Now THAT's a Life-Partner!
    : )

  5. That aerial steampunk sounds great!