Thursday, June 10, 2010

Remembering my AD&D game

It was one year ago today that I started up my AD&D 1st edition campaign. I find myself forlorn that it is not still running, but the loss of two players (one for the summer, the other...perhaps indefinitely) sort of did us in. We also moved the game to another player's abode. I feel like I had less control over the group's focus once we moved campaigns, and I think in the future, any game I run is going to be at my house. I've actually run a few "away games" before, and all of them had their issues.

...anyway, here's to a campaign that had a decent run, but that collapsed all too soon. Although one of my players is coming back in August, I have the sinking feeling that the campaign probably will not revive.


  1. Good luck, keep the faith and keep us posted!

  2. I like running in my own space, too. Hell, I like gaming at home in any capacity. It's one reason why I cook for my players. I want them to keep coming to me so that I don't have to drive. ;)

  3. Losing long-time campaigners is a bummer, man. I never have been able to put together a decent long term group since I finished college. Damn all these "grown up" types I hang out with!

    Welp, at least you have some good memories...
    : )

  4. A toast to a good, fun run.

    Another toast in hopes of the flame burning bright once again.