Sunday, June 13, 2010

RIFTS Session 2

I returned to the RIFTS game I just recently joined. A few thoughts:

During the course of the week, one of the players pointed me in the direction of a RIFTS source book that contained a class almost identical to the Mystic, but generally superior. (The Grey Seer) The GM allowed me to convert my character. One thing about RIFTS that I find somewhat tiresome is that it seems you can always find a better character, suit of power armor, magic spell, or whatever if you just get the next numbered sourcebook.

I find also that magic-users are not offense-oriented in RIFTS, as opposed to D&D, for instance. Most of the offensive spells I could find do jack compared to my handy energy blaster. Many of the spells are taken from Palladium Fantasy but not scaled for RIFTS... meaning they do SDC damage and are therefore useless. (Literally...for those of you not familiar, RIFTS has two scales of damage, and the first scale cannot harm the second scale) We had another combat, during which the only spell I employed was Chameleon, and hid until I could take pot shots with my energy pistol as missiles and lasers blazed around me. My energy pistol has actually been more useful than all my spells and psionics combined.

This session, the GM was kind enough to provide a trading Techno-Wizard who had magic armor that we bartered for. The magic armor temporarily lets me step into the Major Leagues, with MDC totally about 100 or so and the ability to do MD with my bare hands. Of course, activating all these abilities takes a heavy toll on my PPE (magic points, essentially), but it's either that or I spend the campaign hiding in the armored vehicle.

One thing is for sure: I am gradually reaching the opinion that I will never play a magic-user in RIFTS again. I'm sticking with this character, but my next character is going to be a Power Armor Pilot or a Mega-Juicer or something like that.


  1. The way I've understood it, D&D spellcasters emulate artillery pieces, which is a throwback to the wargaming roots of D&D.

    I had a tough transition when I went to GURPS and found that wizards were not the heavy canons they were in D&D.

    And then there's RIFTS. Good God, who needs magic when there are MDC pistols. PISTOLS?!

    RIFTS is a wacky game and it pleases me to see people still giving it go. :)

  2. I think the best way to approach RIFTS is to make out-of-combat your "thing" unless you're one of the MDC monsters. Of course you do need a GM that runs a game that gives you enough opportunity to do that and have fun with it.

  3. I almost always play magic users in rifts. Ley-line walkers rock, as do many RCCs that have magic.

    However it looks like you have a stingy GM, and if you never find better spells than starting mystics can access, you will suck. Ley line walkers can choose at character creation some really great spells.

    I've never played a mystic because at a glance they really, really blow.

  4. I guess I should also mention that everytime I've played rifts, my immediate goal is to locate spells.

    Actively search out a mage and beg borrow or steal his book/laptop/kindle/ipad of arcane lore.

  5. Raven- I converted from a Mystic to a Grey Seer. The problem is, I don't think either class can learn magic the normal way; they can only learn it intuitively when they gain levels.

    Any particular spells you recommend? (Aside from Carpet of Adhesion)

    I'm going to play this character out, and once he dies or retires, I'll make a new one... but I'm probably going to pass on the spellcasters.

  6. 感謝你的分享 要繼續發表好文章喔.........................

  7. thunderclap
    magic shield
    energy field
    fire bolt (its ok)
    magic net
    shadow meld
    weight of duty
    horrific illusion
    armor bizzare
    house of glass
    mental blast
    apparition (!!!) (plus illusion booster)
    impervious to energy (!!!)
    teleport lesser (grenades)
    targeted deflection (!!!)
    invisibility (super)
    wind rush
    sub-particle acceleration
    invincible armor
    sorcerouse fury
    world bizarre
    winged flight
    desiccate the supernatural (!!!)
    enemy mind
    reality flux
    bottomless pit
    curse of the world bizarre
    energy sphere
    id alter ego
    create golem
    teleportation super

  8. Thanks for the list, yo.

    I assume these can all be found in the Book o' Magic?