Saturday, July 24, 2010

Convention Day 1

I'm going to get right to the point: the gaming here was run so much better last year that it isn't even funny. Despite communication with the gaming guru, my game was not on the schedule. Ditto for several people I talked to who were interested in running games. A note: last year the game room was outsourced to the people who run the local gaming convention as opposed to a general sci-fi/geek convention, which this is. I managed to wrangle three players for B1, but we did have a hell of a good time. I would have liked more, but that's life. I did get a lot of comments from passers-by approving of my old school D&D, though none of them wanted to play.

I've got to say that the Room of Pools in B1 is possibly one of my favorite dungeon rooms in all of dungeon history.
"Oh, screw it... I stick my hand in it."


Also, in a non-gaming note: I used to like anime. I no longer understand anime or anime fandom. I'm not sure when it became a postmodern neon-colored clusterfuck mess, but count me out. Give me Macross. Give me Gundam. Give me Fist of the North Star. Give me something I can fucking summarize.

Tomorrow is my mutant future game, which will have at least three players. Once again, I had to recruit by word of mouth, because the convention lacks goddamn sign-up sheets.

There was a first class room party tonight, though... which I have left a friend at, and I should probably go and get him...

Oh, and I am the only person running tabletop role playing games at this convention, it seems... everything else seems to be a bunch of miniature skirmish games.

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  1. you posted while leaving me to my own devices sad trombone for you sir