Sunday, July 25, 2010

Convention Day 2

I have just returned from a tour of room parties at this here convention, and I assure you, friends, I am in my cups.

I gamed all day today. I ended up play testing a Traveller module, though I didn't realize I was in a play test, even though my wife, who was not involved, knew I was play testing something Apparently my name will be in the credits. Rad.

My Mutant Future game started with only two players, but ended up with four. We didn't get to finish, but it was fun, and I seem to have interested new players in Mutant Future. Hot damn. I think I have an idea for the next installment of the Zirugar saga, provided Dan knocks out Starships & Spacemen 2nd edition before next year.

I cannot wait for NukeCon.

I might game tomorrow, though I really should go home and check on my poor cats.

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