Sunday, July 25, 2010

Convention Day 3

We bailed pretty early. I felt like twenty miles of rough road from two nights of little sleep and much drinking, plus gaming for something like ten straight hours, breaking only for about an hour to eat dinner. I'm glad that I seem to have sparked some new interest in Mutant Future. Blah blah growing the hobby blah blah True Believer. Whatever.

Ok, so some thoughts on the convention:

-Last year, I bitched about the awfulness of the non-convention guests. This was better this time around, except for when my wife (who does not wear nerd t-shirt, costumes, or anything else that "outs" her) was on the elevator with some hotel guests who actually expressed fear that "these people" (the convention guests) were going to "get their children." I would have been pissed to hear something like that if it weren't so pathetically absurd. Yes, some of the people at the con were weirdos, and some were quite off-putting, but these people are harmless nerds; they're more likely to bore you to death with stories of their Star Wars fanfic than they are likely to "get" your children. (Whatever the fuck that means.)

-Last year, there was a guy that I kind of wanted to strangle. He was there this year. He didn't tell me any of his awful gaming stories, but he did jump into a game that I was playing. Sometimes you hear a story about meeting someone who really rubs you the wrong way, but once you get to know them, they're not bad and you become fast friends. This is not one of those stories. That guy is still a tool. Point of gaming etiquette, friends: when a player asks the GM a question, he is asking the GM, not you. Also, you're going to raise some eyebrows when you repeat that this is the first time you've ever played this game, and then you proceed to try and wrest control from the GM at every opportunity by telling him where all the other characters are and trying to dictate facts about the game world and situation to the GM.

-I did not go to a single panel this year. I spent the majority of my time gaming and socializing.

-I had a great time, and I look forward to next year.

-Oh, and I didn't buy any gaming stuff, which I can scarcely believe. I consider this a huge personal victory, as I need another new game like I need a fourth nipple.

My campaign with the kung-fu folks (running Keep on the Borderlands) will resume this Friday. I will be returning to the RIFTS group in a few weeks, since we are installing a new GM. (Viva la revolucion!) I am running a zombie survival one shot for my wife's birthday in a few weeks, and I'm supposed to be starting a Warhammer game.

Maybe I'd better take advantage of my last week off and get my ass in gear!


  1. What games did you play (if you can remember through all the alcohol and legal synthetic cannibis)?

  2. Just booze for me, thanks. ;)

    Friday night I ran B/X D&D (I ran good ol' B1, In Search of the Unknown.)

    Saturday I played Traveller (Mongoose version) and ran Mutant Future.

  3. Cool - I've been reading B1 coincidentally.

  4. You didn't buy anything, but I did. And what's mine is yours honey.

  5. I have no control over your consumer impulses, dear.