Saturday, July 31, 2010

D&D With Kung Fu Guys, Session 3

For some reason, it felt like a really long time since we last played, even though we only skipped one week. Our host didn't show up for training and was unreachable by phone. We decided to just play at the school. I'm going to have to procure a cheap folding card table to make game play easier.

Since we were missing two characters and had one new player, I decided to do some hippie-Forgie crap and declare that this was a prequel to the current adventure. I started them on In Search of the Unknown, declaring that this is how half the party met before deciding to strike out for the Keep.

"Wait," the new player said, "If I'm in the flashback but not in the actual adventure....does that mean I'm going to die?!"

It was kind of an unusual session, in that the first two wandering monster groups were orcs who rolled box cars for a reaction, meaning friendly and helpful. I decided that they, being former slaves of Rogahn and Zelligar, were only too happy to help the players loot their former masters' stronghold. Unfortunately, this alliance did not last long, with the orcs becoming incredibly drunk on the wine in the Room of Pools and being left there by the party. They managed to make it down to the second level, though they skipped a lot of the first level.

Our host has emailed me, indicating that he will not be available next Friday, so we have already decided to play at the school following training. We are all individually on the lookout for a cheap folding card table. I might actually have one buried somewhere in my house. I know I have some of the chairs from it... I can see one from where I am sitting now.

I actually have the sneaking feeling that I'm going to lose the host due to the typical attrition that seems to plague a lot of gaming groups. I suppose that is another subject for another post.

Now, what's really going to jack me up is if any of the characters who are in the "flashback" actually die in the hell am I going to explain that?!
Unknown is actually a fairly softball module, however, and so far the group has played in a very resourceful and tactical fashion. Shit, maybe they're ready for some James Edward Raggi IV modules... after the Keep, that is.


  1. Here's hoping you can keep the game together. I would offer some advice, but apparently, I'm the worst DM who ever lived, so who knows.

  2. @ Christian: Just read Bruno's post. Based on that alone, I would certainly not call you the worst DM ever (and I don't think Bruno was saying that either)...there are some serious crap-assed DMs out there.
    : )

    @ Ryan: Flashbacks are tricky. Generally, you're not playing "Back to the Future" (a character dies in a flashback and his PC in "real time" suddenly disappears).

    The way I handle it is basically call it "safe play." Since we know the character is alive and whole in "the present," no matter what happens in the past it won't result in permanent death or dismemberment. A character reduced to 0 hit points is out of action, but not dead (maybe that last blow knocked him out and he was able to run away later when no one was looking; perhaps the poison made him violently ill but miraculously he managed to shake it off and somehow survive...though it took weeks or months of time to recover his full strength).

    On the other hand, flashbacks are probably better used with "softball" adventures like B1 than with JER4's stuff.

    Good luck finding a card table, man! I can't help you with gamer attrition except o what you can to make your game kick-ass and people will want to play (at least the ones that are on the same page with you).

  3. @Christian- Maybe if you didn't listen to so much Joy Division... (just kidding, and also I promise to retire the JD thing now. Honest.)

    Also, I have played under the worst GM that ever lived. For rizzle.

    @JB- Oh, they're going to have to complete B1 and B2 before I drop some Raggi on them. Actually, I want to put them through both of those modules before I slap down the hex map and let them really start wandering.

  4. The JD blasts never get old.

    Love, love will tear us apart again...