Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting My Con On

OSFEST, the local sci-fi convention, is in three days. This is the third year the convention is being held. I went with the missus and some of our friends last year and we had a wonderful time. (I posted a few blog posts from her laptop whilst I was there.)

Last year I ran D&D Rules Cyclopedia(my personal favorite iteration of D&D). The module was one of my own design. It was such fun I wish I had signed up for two games.

This year, I've done just that.

Friday night- B/X D&D. We're doing B1, In Search of the Unknown.

Saturday afternoon- Mutant Future, "Legacy of Zirugar," a module to the game I ran last year. Yes, the Mutant Future game is a sequel to the D&D game. Last year's game was all about cross-planar antics. This game is about the other side of that coin.

Last year I also got to play Beyond the Supernatural 2nd edition. The game softened my stance on Palladium. The GM was an absolute blast to play with, and I hope he's there this year.

Several of my friends from last year can't make it this year, but I think I've conned some new ones into going. I'm also scheduled to be my friend's nephew's very first DM, and I usually run into old friends from my college sci-fi club when I go to these things.

Should be fun. I'll post from the wife's laptop at some point, no doubt... and if you guys are really lucky, it will be after I've been to the room parties and am properly sauced.

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