Monday, July 5, 2010

My Other Iron in the Fire

At my wife's request, I am preparing a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game. (I'll be using 2nd edition rules, with the 1st edition book as a sort of big ass supplement/sourcebook.) I have decided to set this game in Bretonnia... less halflings and guns, more knights and chivalry. (Also more corruption, oppression, etc.) The wife already rolled up a Knight Errant, though she was somewhat shocked when she found out that she had to play a male, or else a female disguised as a male.
Yes, WFRP, when it comes to Bretonnia, sticks to historical gender roles and socio-economic models. (If you are unfamiliar with Warhammer, Bretonnia is basically a mishmash of medieval France and Arthurian legend.) This is an interesting change of pace from roleplaying games like Deadlands that ignore historical race/gender/class issues entirely. Obviously, neither of these games are historical, but they are molded after historical periods. (Another tidbit about the Warhammer setting- most of the countries are real world countries with the serial numbers filed off... Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia...they're all there, just renamed*.)

As it stands, I plan to run the Kung Fu Cyclopedia game every other Friday night after our training concludes (so about 9:30 pm or so.) The Warhammer game will be on the alternate Saturday at 3 pm. I figure that the only way to make running two campaigns a sustainable thing come August is to make sure that I only have to run one per week.

*Italy isn't even renamed so much as the syllables are just rearranged; Italy becomes Tilea. Come on, now.


  1. Huh. I never bothered to buy the 2nd edition of WFRP, so I don't know if this changed But I don't remember there being any gender exclusions in the careers of the 1st edition. Of course, I don't recall there being a "knight errant" career open for a beginner ("free lance" was something one promoted into from mercenary or some such).

    Would this hold true even if she was an alternate race (i.e. do elves and dwarves do the gender discrimination thing, too?).

  2. I should have clarified... the gender discrimination thing is a Bretonnian custom. The Knight Errant is also a career in the Bretonnian sourcebook. (A lot of the other countries got some sourcebook love in 2nd edition) The Empire has no such discrimination.

  3. First Pendragon and now WHFRP; I wish you two were my neighbors.