Saturday, July 17, 2010

Perusing the Shelves

I was at the LGS today because the missus needed to check her pull file for new comic arrivals. While I was there, I stumbled upon two things:

1. World of Darkness: Mirrors, the "toolkit" book from White Wolf. Also, according to a note from White Wolf's creative director, Mirrors is in fact the last "traditionally published" World of Darkness line book that the company intends to release. I'm guessing that holds true for the Vampire, Mage, and Changeling stuff coming out this year.

2. The Dresen Files RPG, in two hardbound volumes. The first is called "Your Story" and contains the rules, character creation stuff, and a sample city setting. It actually looks like the complete game. The second volume appears to be official stats for various characters and critters from the novel series. They are full color and very beautiful. Unfortunately, they are $50 and $40, respectively, and I can't justify shelling out that kind of cash for books right now. (I have zero chance of running a Dresden game for the foreseeable future)


  1. "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat..." -- 賴淑貞賴淑貞

    ...Well, that and $96.00 will purchase Ryan his Dresden hardback books. ;)

  2. I look forward to picking up that Mirrors book. Crazy to think that the end of the line is at hand for WoD books in the FLGS.

  3. TS-Yes, it is the least I can do for putting up with all the Asian-character spam.

    Christian- Yes, it really is hard to believe... White Wolf books have been on the shelf as long as I have been gaming. Given how big they used to be, I wonder if other publishers will follow suit. I hope they deliver on the POD, because if they move to all PDF, they pretty much lose me as a customer, and I don't really want that. (You know my feelings about PDFs, however, and I'm not talking about holding hands in public.)

  4. dresden files you say, I think I have a solution to the char creation wizard/knight pile up draw straws long straw is wizard short straw is knight

  5. I don't know about that... compare the number of times Harry loses fights to the number of times Knights lose. Of course, when the Knights lose, it tends to be more severe...

    The book actually has lots and lots of options for characters; just from glancing it looks like you can make wizards of all types and specializations (think Harry's magical strengths versus, say, Molly's), psychics (like Mortimer), White Court vampires, Red Court half-vampires, Knights, non-humans of various sorts, and even just particularly bad ass mortals a la Murphy.

    I'm really keen to check this out, especially since I think FATE is kind of a neat little system. This just came out, so I'm not in a huge hurry to get it. (I might wait until Amazon has it discounted, which it doesn't yet.)

  6. what about a hellhound character class :D

  7. Well, I only skimmed it... it could very well be in there. I'm guessing that one or both books have rules for custom supernatural creatures (like our favorite hellhound), and even if they didn't, I think I still have the free version of FATE on PDF. FATE is one of those systems that are easy to tinker with.