Friday, July 2, 2010

Pre-campaign tinkering phase GO.

The character creation date has been set for my new Cyclopedic campaign. I was thinking about some house rules or adjustments I'd like to make. Although about half this group has no experience with the older editions of the game, they're all pretty capable people, so I will implement these changes without fear. Here's what is on my mind:

1. Classes- Mystic is in. High level class changes (Paladin, Druid, etc) are in. I am considering some sub-class action a la Majestic Wilderlands.
I might look at some of the Delving Deeper series for Labyrinth Lord, but I don't want to make things too crowded.

2. Weapon Mastery- On some forum somewhere, some guy (wow, that was helpful suggested letting fighters (and possibly dwarves and mystics) gain the increased WM damage as a function of level, and let them spend their slots to gain specific "special moves" like Stun, Delay, etc. Demi-humans are totally getting in on weapon mastery, though if I use slots, I'll probably mandate that dwarves must spend one on some kind of axe or hammer, and elves on a bow, etc.

3. Skills- I was considering something d6 and class based. (Your class determines your skill list)

4. Clerics- Lawful Clerics worship a monotheistic god reminiscent of your favorite Abrahamic religion. Neutral clerics are probably similar to Buddhists. Chaotic clerics worship a myriad of strange gods... maybe a few Cthuloids, maybe some pagan gods, maybe some demonic entities... there isn't one "central" Chaotic temple, and maybe the Neutrals have options as well. I was also thinking that magic-users tend to pay homage to pagan gods from the days of old. (To make them kind of sorcerer-ish) I might consider having several major Lawful religions that are similar, but that fight anyway. Dwarves do ancestor worship/veneration, elves scoff at the idea of serving a god. Halflings usually mumble some kind of lip service to whatever deity you're trying to push on them and then proceed to change the subject.

5. Elves- They have a different spell list, one that is a mix of magic-user and druid spells. Elves strike me as using a lot of enchantments (sleep, charm person, etc.) but not a lot of fireball or the like. I'm not sure if I'll require elves to keep a spellbook.

6. Thieves- Need a shot in the arm... maybe higher percentages on skills. Even though they level fast, their skills are absurdly low to start with.

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