Sunday, July 4, 2010

Some Revisions

After receiving some feedback from Gratuitous Saxon Violence and JB, as well as thinking it over some, I have made a few revisions to my house rules:

1. Elven Adventurers now fight as fighters. I changed them to fight as clerics when I was considering allowing them to reach 36th level, but since I have rescinded that decision, I beefed up their fighting skill a bit.

2. Same with Halfling Wayfarers. Since I have decided that they are basically the rough and tumble halflings, I also gave them the two starting mastery slots at level 3, though one must be spent on the sling.

3. High Mages start with four hit points, though their Hit Die for all levels thereafter is a d2.

4. A critically wounded character now survives for turns, rather than rounds.

I have updated all the posts for my own sanity.


  1. Well lookee here, I have influence!

    Now if I can just figure out how to peddle it for cash.