Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh, it's *that* post...

Hmm.... has it really been a week? That's unusual for me.
As I have mentioned in the past, I'm a teacher by trade. The first week of school concludes tomorrow. Most of the teachers in my building can attest that the first week or two is very mentally draining on the staff. I've been trying to write a blog entry, but I seem to lose much of my focus and higher cognitive abilities after around five p.m.

However, I think I can bang out a few updates.

1.) We have installed a new GM in our RIFTS game. I'll say it straight up: I had more fun in fifteen minutes of this game than in the rest of the campaign. There are myriad things to do other than throw down with endless squads of SAMAS pilots. We have a new player who is quite a lot of fun, too.

2.) Kung Fu D&D didn't happen last week due to a few last minute upsets. I don't know if it will happen tomorrow because we're having a going-away party for one of my fellow students (who does not play, actually) who is going off to become a fighter pilot. Seriously.
At the same time, it is apparent that this is going to be a pretty casual game, and that I'm going to need to shift my focus to something else.

3.) I was invited to play in a campaign of The Shadow of Yesterday, but I think I'm going to decline. The group seems to have a big problem with scheduling, and I sat down and reread TSOY and I just don't think it's the kind of thing I enjoy anymore.

4.)Three members of my defunct AD&D game have been encouraging me to get the band back together. A fourth has been asking me when I'm going to start a game, though he was less specific about picking up where we left off. In any case, I think I'd be ready to try something different with this crew. Who knows... maybe we could pick up the AD&D game again later.

5.) My wife, who had asked me if I would run Warhammer RPG again, has been quiet about the matter. She's quite busy with projects of her own (non-gaming stuff), but I think she's still somewhat interested.

6.) I've been feeling the urge to run the following games: Traveller (or something sci-fi), Mutant Future, and All Flesh Must Be Eaten.

7.) I managed to go a whole week without going to the used bookstore. I think this has less to do with me acquiring willpower and discipline as it does to do with my temporarily reduced supply of free time.

...and that's all I got. I'm still reading and commenting, and I will be posting very shortly.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go and stare blankly at something for awhile. Fire bad. Tree pretty.


  1. Get some rest, man. I understand blogging "on tilt." Sounds like you have a pretty full plate as is!