Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wrath of the Immortals: What Now, Son?!

Found Wrath of the Immortals boxed set at the used bookstore. (Yes, I broke my streak)

Bonus elements inside include:

1. Extra copy of Book 2
2. A very large, homemade dungeon laid out in pen on graph paper. I believe there are something like nine levels. As with many of the papers I find in used D&D products, they smell every so faintly of hash. Also, the last level of the dungeon is sadistic. Checkerboard floor consisting of alternating glyphs of warding and fire traps. Holler.

Oh, and the previous owner felt the need to make about one hundred copies of the Immortal Record Sheet, only one of which is filled in.

RIFTS Denver, Session 2 is tomorrow. So far, playing a Body Fixer has turned out all right for me, even when I had to tranquilize a fellow player character with extreme prejudice.


  1. Nice. Both topics.

    When I played BECMI, I always though WotI was a step up (in some regards) from the original Immortal set...though it still had issues. Unfortunately, one of the major issues was how to run a campaign for immortal characters (and is such still a D&D game per se?).

    Glad Rifts is picking up for you.

  2. That business with the hash-scented second hand RPG materials happens to me as well. It's either that or patchouli oil.