Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dream Pod 9, Conversions, and Other Idle Thoughts

I used to be utterly fascinated with Tribe 8, a game from Dream Pod 9 that was a fantasy/horror/post-apocalyptic mishmash of a setting. (Incidentally, it is also the name of a lesbian punk rock band, which lead to some interesting search engine results back in the day.) For as much time as I invested in that game, I never ran even a single session of it. Aside from the fact that I could only get two of my old group to buy into the idea, I came to absolutely hate Dream Pod 9's rules system, which has actually lead me to abandon DP9's games altogether. Before I moved here, I had some conversion notes for changing T8 to FUDGE, but sadly I never finished them, and they are lost to the void.
For the record, I also think Gear Krieg and Jovian Chronicles are very cool settings, but they use the standard DP9 rules and therefore suck as well.

Yesterday, my wife fished a used copy out of the used shelves at the LGS. I got rid of my book long ago, since the first several years I lived in this town, I found that WotC D&D was the order of the day. Hell, for all I know it could be my old copy. I have to admit that the T8 germ is still buried in my head, but the thought of converting it to FUDGE sounds about as appealing as a home root canal. My wife suggested that I convert it to Savage Worlds, which would be a lot easier. I still don't know if I would be able to generate any interest in it. With my free time going at a slightly higher premium these days, I'd hate to do the conversion unless I knew I was going to get some mileage out of it. I'm also not sure that T8 meshes with my very much changed gaming sensibilities.

Another conversion I've been thinking about it Nightspawn/Nightbane. I have this morbid idea of converting it to World of Darkness, using werewolves as the template for the Facade/Morphus transformation. I like the setting of Nightbane, but I find that I'm more attracted to the idea of the various types of human sorcerers. A few months ago, I posted my results of making two sample Nightbane characters, one an actual nightbane, the other a human spellcaster... and the discrepancy between their power levels would give most GMs a migraine.
Ideally, I'd have liked to convert it to Eden Studios' "Beyond Human," but given that the book has had a TBA release date for the past six fucking years, I'm not holding my breath.

So, Tribe 8 to Savage Worlds, Nightbane to World of Darkness.

Meanwhile, today is the first day I've actually thought much about doing something with gaming. My D&D group at the kung fu school is pretty much dead, my work on Mutant Future has not started (despite emails and text messages from the group asking me for an approximate start date), and I missed the deadline to run something at the upcoming local gaming convention. FML, as the kids would say.

Well, at least RIFTS is tomorrow. It will be our first week without the resident rules lawyer, who has moved off to KC and been replaced by one of my gaming buddies.

...yes, a Palladium game is my only gaming outlet at present. What has happened to me?


  1. I loved the original Heavy Gear, the rules were lite (and probably helped push me in the direction I know play in) and the art was awesome. Not sure if I liked the game because of the game, or the art, but either way I was a great game. After they switched to their 'core' system and forced you to use their crappy system I quit their products.
    Though I always wanted to play Gear Grieg (actually the only thing I have ever purchased off eBay).

  2. Heavy Gear does have awesome art. I always wanted to give HG a try when I was in high school, but I didn't have the cash. I'm not sure it would really be my thing these days.

    I also dropped out after one of my college buddies bought the core system book. Neither one of us liked it much.

  3. One of my old players was a big Tribe 8 fan and ran a couple of sessions for the group. My impression was that it was a neat setting, but that it was front-loaded heavily on the exposition, and whatever published adventure he was running was a bit of a railroad. Having a class called "Jackers" had predictable results in our group of chuckleheads. For whatever reason, it wasn't a good fit for the group.

  4. For the record, I also think Gear Krieg and Jovian Chronicles are very cool settings, but they use the standard DP9 rules and therefore suck as well.

    Sad, but true. I'm always running a Jovian Chronicles -> FUDGE conversion on one of my synaptic sub-processing clusters.

    Like a shark trailing my fishing boat into the evening...

  5. I was huge into Tribe 8 back in the day. Even ended up writing a tSoY conversion a few years ago that I never got to use :(

  6. In all honesty, TSoY would probably work much better for Tribe 8 than straight FUDGE or Savage Worlds... at least, much better for the vibe I always got from the game. Do you have it on Word or something? I'd be interested to see it.