Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Kung Fu is Strong

Mystic fucking China, bitches.

It's supposed to be a supplement for Ninjas & Superspies (the book with the most awesome cover ever drawn by mortal hands- an army of ninja vs. an army of laser wielding commandos fighting atop a mountain of dead bodies), though compatible with many of their other games. (I'm actually looking at it as a supplement to Beyond the Supernatural)

This book has like twelve different types of martial artists. It has blind mystics with third eyes. It has crazy ass Chinese demons. It has Taoist alchemy and spells to remove a motherfucker's heart. It has rules for playing a capitalist entrepreneur.

Six bucks at the used bookstore.

I must also point out that this book was written by the late Erick Wujcik. I tend to his work a lot more than SuperKev's. I also think this book could work as a stand alone campaign, if one is into Big Trouble in Little China-esque shenanigans. I'd been thinking of a campaign like that and had thought I would have to de-fang (ha) Kindred of the East if I wanted outlandish pseudo-Asian fantasy goobfests. I think this book might be all I need. I don't even mind characters having SDC as much as I usually do, given the source material.

To use the parlance of our urban youth: this book be ballin', yo*.

In other news, I am now getting emails and texts from multiple members of my former AD&D1e group, wanting to know when we're getting started with Mutant Future. (MuFu!)
Things are starting to shape up at work, so perhaps I will soon be able to address them and their need for gaming goodness.

D&D at the Kung Fu school has not been happening lately, mainly because I've been too exhausted to get my train on. We'll try again this week.

*none of my students has actually ever said anything like this. Thank the gods.

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  1. I ran a Ninjas & Superspies game a few years ago that drew heavily on Mystic China. Great book, definitely one of Wujcik's best.

    The campaign was set in Bangkok and involved a party comprising characters who were on the run from the powers that be: a Russian secret agent in the mold of Molotov Cocktease who had been thrown under the bus by her government and was seeking revenge, a mutant gorilla who had escaped from U.S. government labs and was lying low in the suburbs running helicopter tours of the local islands, and a Chinese demon who had taken on the form of an orphan girl to escape the notice of the Yama Kings. Unfortunately I managed to TPK the group in the third session. :-/

    I've been wanting to do a reboot Mystic China campaign ever since.