Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So...Who Is Doing It Wrong?

I recently snatched up a copy of Heroes Unlimited, Revised Edition (not 2nd edition) for a dollar.

At one point, the author advises against allowing heroes to switch the source of their power because it might screw up the continuity of the game.

Continuity. In a game about super heroes.

I believe the most appropriate response, rendered into our modern internet parlance, would be "lawl."


  1. Revised Heroes Unlimited was one of the worst Palladium products. The 2nd Edition is much better, and has several source books. I do not believe it allows players to change the power categories of their characters (which for the most part, I agree with) but there is some overlap - psionics and some magic powers are interchangeable with super-powers.

  2. Allowing PCs to change power sources would be like if Superman, after decades of continuity, suddenly had like electrical powers or something. Or if Marvel Girl gained access to a previously unknown "Force" of some kind. That'd just be insane.