Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Still Alive

Hi, gang. I'm still alive. I actually have a few minutes and a few drops of howzabout a small update to this here blog?

The RIFTS campaign actually continues to be pretty good. The new GM is most awesome. I am 3rd level. The former GM, who is a rules lawyer extraordinaire and who has earned, from several of us, the ill-fated position of That Guy in our group, is moving away. I have added another friend (and former AD&D1E player) to the RIFTS group. I totally Zerg'd this gaming group. I am more than a little ashamed that I just used "Zerg" as a verb.

Because I think there is a good game buried somewhere beneath the insanity and inanity of the Palladium system, I'm mentally measuring the various things I will need to amputate should I ever take a crack at running this game. It won't be pretty. Oh, and I may add Neutral alignments just because the book says that "No Neutrals" is one of the unbending rules of the game. Bend this.

I have not started my MuFu campaign. (MuFu being my delightful new pet name for Mutant Future) Work has been quite demanding, but things are starting to fall into place and I plan to have the next two weeks planned before Sunday. That should give me some time to work on MuFu. I am going to be expanding the cosmology behind my convention modules (Temple of Zirugar and Legacy of Zirugar) to link them into the events of my AD&D1E campaign. I find this coherence strangely satisfying, which is odd, because I usually eschew former campaign settings every time I start up something new. The crew looks to be the old AD&D1E gang minus two. (The ones who became parents during the first campaign. I don't expect to see them at my gaming table ever again, actually.)

The missus has recently told me that she misses gaming. She's been mighty busy with her book these past many months. I'd like to start up some kind of game that can involve her, but she's pretty selective when it comes to games. Last I checked, the list of things in which she will willingly participate is thus: D&D 3.5, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd edition, World of Darkness (but not Vampire or Promethean), and All Flesh Must Be Eaten. I may have missed one or two, but that's probably because I don't want to run them. (Of course, I don't want to run 3.5, either) I do want to accommodate her, I just need to find the time and energy. Hopefully I will have more of both in the near future.

Keep those dice a-rollin', amigos. I'm still reading.


  1. Because I think there is a good game buried somewhere beneath the insanity and inanity of the Palladium system, I'm mentally measuring the various things I will need to amputate should I ever take a crack at running this game.

    Right there with you. I've been feeling a strong urge to return to Palladium of late, but there'll have to be...changes before I can stomach it.

    I ran across a pretty workable hack of the skill system the other day, and then there's this "nuke and pave" of the whole core system--it might be too radical for my taste (the Palladium system shouldn't make too much sense, after all), but it's an interesting read at least.

  2. I think it's great that you are willing to try out so many systems. I hope that you are able to make some sense of Palladium. I really wisk Kevin s. would relent and allow a team of skilled game designers to revamp the engine.

  3. @ Ryan:

    The missus will play 3.5 but not B/X? What is it that's missing for her?

    Just curious because (insert standard raves and rants). But I'm curious as to what's the draw for 3.5. What can she get from D20 that she can't get from Moldvay/Cook. She doesn't like "race as class" or something?

    RE: Palladium. Ditto What Sir Larkins and Christian said.

    Glad to hear you're still alive! Not that I doubted it...
    ; )

  4. *Larkins- Thanks for the links. I found the Pundit's proposed fix to be quite reasonable and could see myself using it. (With a little bit of tinkering, of course) I also like the idea of d20 based skills in Palladium. Thanks for the links...definitely something to think about.

    *Christian- The thing that actually helps me understand Palladium is owning books that have an older iteration of the system. Strip away enough of it and you can find that it is essentially house-ruled AD&D 1st edition at inception. Keeping that in mind helps me cut through the crap and detritus.

    *JB- The missus believes that older D&D is more complicated. I think really the biggest thing is that she is comfortable and familiar with D&D 3.5, having played it more than any other system. I think she likes the mechanical customization. (She is not into optimization, but loves her some customization) All the other systems I mentioned are things that she also has some familiarity with. I wish she'd give it a try,but to each their own. It is a bit of an impasse, however, because I have no desire to play or run 3.5 anymore. Maybe I could get her warmed up to True20, which I find more palatable...