Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Switching Gears, and an Odd Observation About Falling in Gaming

RIFTS Denver has concluded. I ended up 4th level, with 5th a distant shore. I had to revive a party member after he took injuries that he shouldn't have survived, even in RIFTS.

A brief aside: I have noticed that in roleplaying games, if a player character falls off something, particularly something very high in the air, the player believes he is entitled to about fifty different checks/saves to stop from falling. I grab the ledge. Missed it? I grab the other ledge. I grab any player who could conceivably be within fifty feet. I have time to fashion any rope I had been carrying into a lariat that I can throw at every single object within range, one after the other, until I get one of them. If I miss all objects, I can try to lasso the players I failed to grab earlier. I make a separate try for each one of their limbs.

I'm not ripping on the player in question, I'm just saying that I've seen this happen over and over again.

So, RIFTS. It was fun with the new GM. It was not fun with the previous GM. Now our group is going to play Deadlands for a few weeks. Extra players from outside the group will be joining us, then one of the RIFTS players (a different one) will take over and run a different RIFTS game for awhile. We won't be getting back to the "main" campaign for 3-4 months real time.

In the meantime, I have totally stalled out on running anything. I haven't run a single session of anything since the local con back in July. I find that I get enthusiastic for things, start reading the book, and then cool off just as quickly. In theory, I want to run something, but I can't seem to stay excited about any particular game for more than a few days, if that. I also find that my mind is still stubbornly resistant to learning any new system, regardless of the level of simplicity or complexity. I think my brain is full. I'd better start jettisoning all of those awkward childhood memories to make room for new things.

...I also find that I am very glad that I don't have to take over Deadlands.


  1. Never had that problem with falling.

    As for your "SQUIRREL!" problem. Better you lose interest after a couple of days, than start running a game with players and then lose interest after a session or two.

  2. RE: Falling.

    Like Grat Sax...I've never had this issue. Must be later edition weirdness.