Sunday, October 3, 2010

Time to Mount Up

I hit 4th level in RIFTS tonight. We also solved a combat situation through innovative use of powers and problem-solving skills, rather than an endless Mega-Damage slugfest. My character has been knighted. There is a bit of political intrigue. Who knew?

However, our GM has told us that she needs the month of November to prepare the second leg of the campaign. (Also, work will be calling her out of town for part of the month) Initially, one of the other players in our game had volunteered to run Deadlands in the 5-6 week interim, but it seems he will now be moving to my home town and will have a bit of a commute. He might also have his Sunday availability reduced or eliminated by circumstances beyond his control.
As we discussed this, it was suddenly suggested by the rest of the group that I run Deadlands. (I'm the only other person in the group who has the book.)

Initially I was a bit wary, given that I haven't even started my MuFu game that I have been promising for...too long. However, I find myself strangely invigorated because I have a hard deadline to meet with DL. Working at my own pace, I am easily distrated and can be a bit of a slug... but tell me that I have to have X done by Y and I can kick it into high gear.

I have run Deadlands many times before, though the last time I ran it was 1.) the classic version of the rules, and 2.) it was about six years ago. I have run Savage Worlds only once, though I know the rules pretty well and have been a player in brief campaigns of Deadlands Reloaded and Rippers. Rules-wise, I got it covered.

This does not mean the end of Mutant Future. This is a short range, short term project. I might actually make the sessions unrelated; one of my favorite methods for coming up with a Deadlands scenario is to take a Western movie or story and add zombies or Hangin' Judges or whatever.

After my interim Deadlands session, we'll start leg II of the RIFTS game, or another player will step up to the plate with a temporary game if our Fearless Leader needs some additional time.

Either way, it looks like there's a new sheriff in town.


  1. If you do end up running Deadlands, I'l be interested to hear how it goes. I absolutely LOVED the setting, but found the 1st edition rules over-complicated, the D20 version a pile of crap, and the overall setting...well, not very conducive to party play. I mean, doesn't EVERYone want to be the Clint Eastwood/Harrowed badass? I know that if I was playing, that's what I'D want to be.

    So for group play, I always had a hard time with it, even though I still love and own the books (great art!).
    ; )

  2. Funny, I've had just the opposite experience... with the folks I often played Deadlands with, everyone wanted to be the huckster/mad scienteist/kung fu guy and nobody wanted to be the "Vanilla" gunslinger, bounty hunter, whatever.

    I do find that DL only works if everyone in the game is familiar with and appreciates the Western genre. I'm always surprised at how many people who say they hate Westerns still give Deadlands a try, and then they totally end up hating it. I think this group will work fairly well, though... and if they don't, well... I'm only running it for a couple of weeks until the GM is ready to run the next leg of the RIFTS game.

  3. Glad to hear that Mutant Future isn't off the table entirely. I like the custom races you worked up for your campaign.

  4. Thanks, Bill,

    I assure you, it is not off the table... I just got press-ganged into this Deadlands gig.