Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gamer Mid-Life

A recent post from the always insightful Christian of Destination Unknown (linky in the side bar)caused me to wake up and smell the reality:
My gaming time is a finite resource.

I don't know why this never occurred to me. I'm 29, so statistically I'm supposed to live for another 40 or 50 years. (Family health seems to support this number) However, there are a few things to consider...

Many of my friends are marrying and having children. I'm married myself, but to a gamer who understands the importance of my hobby to me, and we're committed to a child-free existence. I do expect that the number of available gamers in my immediate association is going to begin falling off in the next few years. Many of my friends are finished with college and have real career-type jobs that often place heavy demands on their free time. (I know my job has done a number on my free time, and always will for the months of August-May.) Many of my gamer friends have "lapsed," or rather their interests have taken them elsewhere. Will I be able to continue gaming my whole life? I don't know... there may come some dark age where everyone else I know has moved on to other things. Grim.

My shelf is filled with games. I know I have between 50-60 different roleplaying games, depending on how you slice it. (Do you consider pre- and post-WotC D&D to be different games like I do? Are old D&D and AD&D different games? Do all the different World of Darkness games count as different games, etc.)

The thing is, I think it might be time to stop collecting and start running. If I ran every game I own for six months with no breaks in between campaigns (ha!), I'm looking at 25-30 years of gaming. Add in the usual six months or so between campaigns and that leaves me with no time to really run everything I own.

I think I have actually decided on Traveller next. I still want to do Mutant Future, but I want to diversify... I've never really run Traveller except for a very brief MegaTraveller game in middle school that I'm pretty sure I was doing wrong. I've also never run a sci-fi campaign before.

For the time being, Mutant Future might do nicely for a "backup game", should Deadlands be canceled on a random Sunday.

Time to get in the boat and start rowin'.


  1. Never say never, man...who knows where the road will take you?
    : )

  2. Well done! If you have trouble finding locals, have you considered long-distance gaming via Skype?