Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shadowrun 4: Entirely too much effort.

My Sunday RIFTS group has decided to branch out. Different players will take turns running the game of their choice. Today was supposed to be session 3 of the 4-6 week Deadlands game started by one of the guys in our group, but he was busy. After Deadlands, we are apparently going to be playing Shadowrun 4th edition until the "main" RIFTS game resumes in the spring. Today we had a low head count, so we decided to make Shadowrun characters and just get a feel for the system.

First, I tried to make a hacker while another player (our RIFTS GM) tried to make a Cat Shaman.

Almost two hours later, I gave up in disgust and started trying to dinker with the Gunslinger Adept pre-made character template.

About half an hour after dickering with things and reading through various rules, I just gave up and copied the Street Samurai template pretty much straight out of the book. The other player decided to abandon her custom spell caster and just take the pre-made Street Shaman.

Although I had skimmed through SR4 earlier this year, I've got to say that right now I do not hold it in very high estimation. I hope the game play is more fun than the character creation. Of course, getting my toes broken one by one with a hammer would also be more fun than the character creation, so that isn't saying much.

Let me say this: I want to like Shadowrun 4th edition, I really do... but I also wanted to like D&D 4th edition, so I should be prepared for disappointment.

We're supposed to do a test run of Shadowrun 4th on Friday...but I have been asked to prepare a Mutant Future one shot just in case.

I have a pretty easy week this week (only have students Monday and Tuesday), and I do hate to give up on any game system**, so perhaps I'll give the hacking rules another shot. I do firmly believe that every runner group needs a hacker, and SR4's acknowledgment of wireless internet makes hackers infinitely more useful.
Still, as Christian (of Destination Unknown) said in a recent post, gaming should b easy... and my tastes run toward the simple and familiar as of late, so if I can't pick up the hacking system after another concerted try, I am officially washing my hands of it.

In other news, I recently that Zach (of RPG Blog II) had the brilliant idea of converting RIFTS to Mini Six. Obviously, he will not be able to share his work, as Super Kevin will hurl bolts of divine litigation from atop his throne on Mt. Palladium. However, the idea has been kindled in my brain, and the others who were at game today think I would be ideal to work on the conversion for our group. (My work will also have to remain in a spiral notebook, as to post it online would be to draw the wrath of KS.)

I have started fiddling with the randomly generated planets in my first Traveller sub-sector. Some of them I am making more feasible, some I am making more interesting. Though I finished Mass Effect on the Xbox, I find that it is still informing the way I envision my Traveller universe.

...and now I apparently need to get a MuFu one-shot ready, just in case.

Good thing this is a short week. I also have a lot to work on for Winter Break, which tends to quash actual gaming most of the time.

**except for Rolemaster, because it's fucking inane.


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  2. I love shadowrun. I hope it works out for you guys.

    My current character is a modern day Paladin of sorts. He's an adept sharpshooter specialized in sniper rifles and has a sort of 'lay on hands' ability that came in handy last session, what with the technomancer repeatedly burning out.

  3. I've owned two editions of Shadowrun (2nd and 4th) and have yet to manage a campaign. The idea always catches my fancy, but in the end the mechanics leave me cold. Now more than ever, since I'm in a similar place in terms of preferring simple and familiar. Ah well. I could always use BRP to run a Shadowrun-esque campaign.

    ....Super Kevin will hurl bolts of divine litigation from atop his throne on Mt. Palladium.

    I lol'd IRL.

    The d6 idea struck my fancy as well.

  4. I believe I have owned 1st, 2nd, and 3rd edition Shadow Run all at one time or another...and yet I haven't actually played the game since high school and 1st edition. I find it cheesy as hell, over-complicated, and just...uugghh!!! NOT very "dark and cyberpunk." But they always get me with that damn artwork...and being a lifelong Seattle resident, I mean OF COURSE I'm going to buy it.

    You know how many times I've considered picking up 4th edition? A bunch. But I think I'll hold off till 5th.
    : )