Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sub-Sector Creation

I just rolled up my first sub-sector for Traveller. I've determined star systems, gas giants, star ports, and bases... I've randomly detailed about ten planets, though I might throw a few of them away because some of them have very hard to swallow discrepancies (and not in the good, imaginative way... more like the "random tables can produce some wonky shit" way) and some of the planets are very similar due to the same numbers coming up on the dice over and over. I do like some of the worlds, and I think the results of a few planets have given me the idea for an alien race or two. (I'm going to try to keep it human-centric, though)

Of course, a full sector is something like 16 sub-sectors, so I'm going to have to cut myself off at some point and move on to other things. I also think I have made more die rolls tonight to generate some of this stuff than I have made in some entire campaigns in the past.

I find that making up stuff about planets based on the numbers is fun. I think my favorite planet is one that is lush and tropical, with no government... but three competing factions: a warlike tribe, a participatory democracy, and a corporate enclave. I can already see it now: the natives of the planet, some hippy-ass commune of off-worlders, and the corporate douchebags who want to turn the planet into a resort (or get at some kind of valuable natural resource...yes, I like that better)

Oh, or the planet that has recently suffered devastating civil wars, and no longer has the technical manpower or expertise to maintain the life support systems that are necessary to survival in the planet's atmosphere... so a single malfunction or breakdown could kill untold thousands...


  1. Nothing like a civil war to spice a game up lol

  2. I've always dug the solo-game aspect of system creation in Traveller. Good stuff. Now you just have to figure out a way to introduce Glitter Boys and SAMAS armor. ;)