Sunday, December 19, 2010

Deadlands Final Session

Well, our GM decided to drastically reduce the length of his Deadlands game, partially I think due to the frequent hiatuses that we had to take and partially due to (I'm guessing) his desire to play in Mick's Shadowrun 4th edition game. At any rate, we're not gaming together until after the New Year (I hate what the holidays do to gaming.)

Fortunately, we did not have the Extra from Hell problem this session. In fact, we actually had something I relish in Savage Worlds: The Ultimate Smackdown. Another idiosyncrasy of Savage Worlds that results for all dice "exploding" (if you roll the max, you add it and roll again) and somebody rolling that sweet max number over and over again. We had a character roll 10's several times in a row, delivering an absurd 38 points of damage with a single attack. (For some perspective, 10 points will kill the average goon instantly.) Even one of Josh's typically badass Wild Card bad guys is insta-gibbed by that level of punishment. This produces The Ultimate Smackdown, wherein a powerful NPC who is intended to be sort of a "boss fight" (to borrow video game parlance) to be taken down in one beautiful shot. It sort of reminds me of the sword-wielding maniac in one of the Indiana Jones movies who brandishes his scimitar in a fearsome flourish, only to have Indy pull out a pistol and drop him.

Unfortunately, the climactic final battle was interrupted by the GM's father needing a jumpstart. We were declared the victors in the midst of a tough battle and we didn't really get any sort of denouement. Obviously this was not the GM's fault, but I hope we can get him to email us an "epilogue" or something.

The crossover was pretty cool; the bad guys were a rogue lodge of Rippers (another Savage Worlds setting about steampunk-ish Victorian monster hunters) who had come to the Americas in search of some Ghost Rock to incorporate into their Rippertech. (An excellent idea, by the by) Unfortunately, this group of Rippers seemed to have gone rogue and we had to put them down in the end.

I'm enamored by this group's willingness to rotate GMs. Everybody is willing to run something and everyone had different games they want to run. Our stable of things we're playing to play now includes Deadlands Reloaded, RIFTS, the Midnight d20 setting using Savage Worlds as the rules system, Mutant Future, AD&D 1st edition/OSRIC, and a homebrew system the RIFTS GM has been working on that is heavily based on Traveller with a dash of just about everything else thrown in.

Although we don't have an "official" meeting of our group until 2011, some of us may be playing some Talisman next weekend. In addition, my wife's best friend,a member of our old gaming group, is in town for break, so I might throw together some kind of one-shot just for old times' sake. (If two years ago really counts as "old times" now...)

And yes, I need to get my ass in gear for Traveller, since I have set the start date for January 7th. Of course, I have the next two weeks off, and will have the house to myself most of that time... now I just need to keep it productive and not let it turn into a marathon of Mass Effect 2, which I will try to pass off as "getting inspired."

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