Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Last night, I began preparing for my Traveller game, which is to start January 7th. I've gamed with all these people before, in fact, this is getting my old 3.5 band back together. (I may have burned out on the system, but definitely not on these players)

I was having a problem coming up with alien races that I like. I don't care for most of Traveller's races save for the Hivers and K'kree, who I will probably keep, and possibly the human variant species. I did, however, find a solution to my alien creative block:

Seventh Sanctum is a website I discovered back in college. It is a collection of random generators useful for gaming: superheroes, plots, magic, weapons, and aliens, among other things. While I find the alien name generator flippant and useless for my Traveller purposes, I've found some really good seeds for ideas for alien races from their race generation. I find that generating about ten at a time usually yields two or three viable ideas, though I will have to change most of them a bit. (Random generators can produce some pretty wonky results, but also some surprisingly cool stuff.) This has trumped my other plan for coming up with alien races; namely to crib stuff from sci-fi that I like and essentially reskin it.

I mapped a new sub-sector last night and am currently detailing the worlds... 10 down, 37 to go... then I'll start filling in the details and writing up the information so that curious players can start heading out to worlds to find adventure.

This will be the first attempt at a campaign since the end of my AD&D game several months ago. I find myself anxious for the 7th. (Although that will mean that I'm back at work and that my glorious Winter Break will be over...)


  1. Thanks for the link - I can see it coming in handy. Aliens are plenty of fun to think about, but creative blocks are lurking everywhere. I also think that how we create them and what we aim for says a lot about us. Classic aliens seem to me in many cases to be clear products of the time.

  2. funny enough the kree where also an alien race in the marvel universe. Which I could tell you about but it would just sound like I am making stuff up at your expense