Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Brief, Mostly Obligatory Retrospective

So, my blogging heads into its third year.

This year was a bit of a roller coaster for me, gaming wise. At year's start, I was running my beloved AD&D 1st edition campaign, which fell apart in May, much to my chagrin. After that, I ran a brief dungeon crawl game of house-rules Cyclopedia with some of the guys I train with. That only lasted a few sessions due to massive flaking out. I run some B/X D&D and Mutant Future at the local convention in July, and haven't run anything since.

Playing-wise, I joined my current Sunday group back in May. Back then it was RIFTS only. It was a goddamn disaster. The GM was the biggest douchebag I have ever gamed with. I was ready to quit when the group had La Revolucion, and he was replaced. Now we take turns running things, said DB moved away, and we aren't just RIFTS; we play Deadlands, Shadowrun, and have a number of other things on the docket (an adaptation of the Midnight d20 setting to Savage Worlds, AD&D1, Mutant Future, a homebrew based on Traveller, etc.)

As we start 2011, I am less than a week away from starting up my Traveller game. I find that I'm a little nervous... I haven't run anything since July. I've had longer breaks than this, but for some reason I feel a bit unprepared. I think maybe "underconfident" is a better term. I wish I had used more of this break to prepare for the game, but there was just so much slacking to be done.

I'm sure that I'll adapt quickly to being back in the saddle, as it were. Do you all feel out of place/off your game after a significant break?

Odd... in 2009 and 2010, I had 171 posts each year. I guess my goal for 2011 is to have exactly 171 posts...


  1. I'm sure your next game will go well. Nice little posting resolution there lol.

  2. If I'd had a chance to run or play in so many different games in one year, I'd be right proud. I hope you can add one or two more new ones to your list for 2011!
    : )

  3. I'm sure that I'll adapt quickly to being back in the saddle, as it were. Do you all feel out of place/off your game after a significant break?


    After a break from Changeling we came back with two new players and the chemistry and balance was all fucked up. I want to try again, but the new guys will have to retool their characters to fit with the themes we've established.

  4. Looking forward to another 171 posts! :)

  5. Unless it's a version of a Fibonacci sequence and 2011 will require 342 posts, 2012 will require 483 posts, and then fortunately the world will end, so 2013's 825 posts will never have to be written.

    I haven't had DM'ing jitters since I haven't been DM'ing lately, but when I started to host our local contingent for a Skype-facilitated game at my place, I was very anxious of everything in the first 3-4 sessions. But that has more or less worn off as folks get used to my place, and know where to find stuff in my kitchen, etc. Perhaps there's a similar adjustment period with a game. It just takes (an inevitable) period of time to get everyone in the groove.