Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ponderings on a Gameless Sunday

Normally, missing my weekly gaming fix causes me to fall into an episode slightly reminiscent of the withdrawal scene in Trainspotting...well, minus the dead baby hallucinations.

On this gameless Sunday, however, I have eased the pain with a Bioware game (which act in much the same fashion as Renton's opium suppositories when I can't play the "real thing"), and I've been paging gingerly through the Alternity Player's Handbook, making mental comparisons between the two systems. I will say that Alternity seems to have a lot more complexity, which is a strike against it, but it also seems to have a lot more flavor. It also seems to have less bookkeeping and less rules for what happens when you fail to pay off your mortgage, so we'll see... at any rate, I need to make my decision soon.

Now, I do have a legit question for you lads and ladies out there in blogland. I understand there is some commonality between Chaosium's Basic Role-playing and Newt Newport's OpenQuest. If anyone out there is familiar enough to know, please tell me: is OpenQuest similar enough to stand in for BRP? I ask only because I have a (mostly theoretical) interest in Chaosium's new "Chronicles of Future Earth" setting, but the interest is not strong enough to push me to buy both the BRP corebook and Chronicles. I need another gaming corebook like I need a fourth nipple, but I'm always down for new settings to refresh my imagination (read: steal from.) Please to be answering question.

In other news, a fellow with whom I have occasionally gamed (he was present for about half my AD&D game) has informed me of his intention to run Palladium Fantasy 2nd edition. I wonder if I can fit any more gaming into my schedule...

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