Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have mentioned that I had backup systems in case Traveller proves to be too tedious and full of bookkeeping and mortgage woes. I was talking over the systems the other night with the missus, and I briefly explained Alternity and Stars Without Number. I explained that those games started all characters off relatively inexperienced, similar to D&D.

"Wait," she interjected, "you don't have to be thirty or forty at the start of the game?"

"No," I replied, "You-"

"Let's switch!"

...guess you had to be there.

In all seriousness, if we change, I think we'll probably go with Alternity. The Traveller group consists of players who have experience with, and possibly even a preference for, d20. From what I see, many elements in Alternity were precursors to the d20 system. It's the stepping stone between 2nd edition and 3rd edition. Personally, Stars Without Number is a bit more appealing to me, because of it's older edition foundations, but I can roll with Alternity. I actually bought the Star*Drive campaign guide, which I have read good things about.

...and like about 40% of all second-hand TSR material I purchase, it smells like old ganja.

I think we'll roll another session of Mongoose Traveller where I try to feature more elements of the system, as many as I can in fact. Then I will run a demo one-shot of Alternity, and we'll see what the group likes better.

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