Saturday, February 5, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Traveller is going well.

The game ran much more smoothly last night, especially since the ship captain PC and I are trying to do the ship bookkeeping behind the scenes, so as not to bog down actual play.

I like the characters, who are cheerfully amoral but not complete bastards. I also find that I'm having to make up a ton of stuff as I go along, as the players are quite curious about the galaxy. I scribble it down in my notebook and then mentally flesh it out in my head during the session and on the drive home.

Oh, one or two of my players probably just read that. I'm sure it's no secret.

I find that my GM skills are returning quickly after the long months in hibernation, though I am not yet firing all cylinders.

I have world-building fever right now, but I am ignoring it. I have half a subsector map, and right now I'm focused on further developing what I have, rather than trying to map the entire goddamn universe.

I consider the visceral disgust my players have of the kreesh to be a personal victory. :)

I believe we are continuing Shadowrun tomorrow with the Sunday group. Life is good.

A quick word on Alternity...

I still find the system to be slightly counter-intuitive on a lot of levels. Wait, no... let's not say counter-intuitive, but rather just not intuitive, if that makes any sense. I'm not sure this is the group for it, but I know a gamer or two who would probably dig it's more robust (complex) rule system over the bare bones simplicity of Traveller's "2d6 + DMs, get an 8 or higher" mechanic.

I've been snatching up material for Alternity from the used book store, as they keep gradually shifting their Alternity collection into the clearance bin for a buck or two per book... I'm not sure why they're still holding out on a couple of the source books, but I will bide my time.

On a purely aesthetic note, I will say that my Traveller universe, as it appears in my head, is more visually similar to Alternity (particularly Star*Drive) than to the artwork in Mongoose Traveller.

I also hate that it is spelled "Traveller."

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