Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gamin' On

My wife suggested that I run Traveller weekly instead of every other week. The other players agreed. I'm glad that we are doing this, because I find that it's difficult for me as a GM to maintain momentum and enthusiasm about one of my games if I'm not running it every week. I spend a lot of time working on lessons and grading, so on the off weeks I tend not to think about my game, which I think hurts it in the long run. Time to step up my Traveller game.

The Sunday group has been alternating between RIFTS and Shadowrun 4th edition. The GM for Shadowrun recently expressed a desire to try running with Shadowrun 2nd edition rules. Oddly enough, I have been running across a lot of second hand copies of SR2 in various game/bookshops lately. (They are also readily available online for reasonable prices.) The GM is quite taken with the concept of Augmented Reality, however, so that will require some conversion on his part if we decide to go with SR2 in the long term. I know that every edition of Shadowrun has it's quirks, but I seem to recall having more enthusiasm for the game back when I played the older versions. I also recall less instances of having to roll seventeen goddamn dice all the time.

One quirk of Shadowrun that has always been consistent, regardless of edition, is the intermittent nagging feeling that I am playing an equipment list rather than a character.

The Shadowrun GM also told me he has been reading up on OSRIC in his spare time. This titillates me.

Hackmaster is slated to start next week. My character is as done as I am going to get him. (I am no buying individual scabbards for all my weapons. I am not buying individual items of clothing. Fuck that.) I was working on a back-up character, given how lethal original Hackmaster can be, but I don't think I have the gumption to actually finish the damn thing.

My brain is having trouble wrapping around the idea that I might be gaming three times a week and participating in a total of four campaigns. However, given that I love gaming with a fiery passion and am often forced to endure dry spells, I'm going to enjoy this almost certainly unsustainable situation while it lasts.

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