Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Goodies in the Mail

Any day now, I should be receiving a battered but cheap copy of Shadowrun, 2nd edition. My Sunday group is giving that edition a try this weekend, and if we prefer it, we will be converting the game to 2nd edition. (At which point I will probably Ebay or otherwise dispose of my 4th edition Shadowrun book, as it does offend my sensibilities.) I got a text from one of the other players today who picked up a copy at the LGS from "the boneyard" (my pet name for the used gaming shelf) He told me he already likes 2e on just about every level, including the 80's aesthetic. I have to admit that I love the cover of SR2 fiercely. If I ever do a post on my favorite gaming covers, it will definitely be on the list

...and yes, I do realize that SR2 has flaws and bugs, but I find them preferable to SR4 nonetheless. The GM has mentioned converting the whole Augmented Reality bit to 2e (which really shouldn't be that hard to do)and leaving the rest as-is.

I am also awaiting a hardcover copy of Stars Without Number. Sine Nomine emailed me to inform me that they are selling SWN at 25% off this week, so how could I pass that up? SWN has been on my to-buy list for some time, if only so I can complete my "Zirugar" trilogy of modules* that were meant to link D&D, Mutant Future, and Goblinoid's planned D&D-compatible version of Starships & Spacemen. However, they appear to be prioritizing other projects right now, and SWN made a very positive impression on me, so it shall be my D&D-compatible sci-fi game.

*I've run the first two parts at the local convention these last two years. I have absolutely no intention of trying to publish them in any form at all. The other bloggers around here are far more ambitious than I.

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  1. I was able to recently pick up a copy of 1ST EDITION Shadowrun (to go with my copies of the 2nd & 3rd edition). Of the three, 2nd edition is my LEAST favorite (though I'd still play it over 4th). 1st is waaay tasty!
    : )

    (this is not to say I don't think the 1st edition rules didn't need the tweaking 2nd ed. gave 'em...I'm just saying the 1st edition is a better put together game/book)