Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekly Debriefing

Traveller was terrible on Friday. My players shopped for gear for an hour while fiddling over more economic stuff, until one of the players was called away from the game early and I just sort of gave up. The group shot down the idea of converting to Stars Without Number. On the bright side, one of the players and I came up with a really great idea for the campaign over IM the next day. Also, I have decided to hand wave the tedious process of moving cargo and passengers. We will simply assume that, as the players move from planet to planet, system to system, they pick up enough regular cargo and passengers to cover the mortgage and the expenses, and at the end of the month our heroes have 2d6 x 1,000 credits as profit to split amongst themselves. I will only pay specifics to the cargo/passenger stuff if cargo and passengers are unusual or important to the evenings events, or if the players are specifically getting involved in a high-risk/high-yield situation.

Meanwhile, one of the Sunday GMs has decided to hang up her spurs when it comes to RIFTS. Now she seems interested in running Stars Without Number, which the rest of the group seems quite taken with. I'm not sure when it will start, given that the RIFTS slot was slated to go back to Deadlands Reloaded, run by the GM who did it last time.

Tonight we unleashed our converted SR4 characters into Mike's first SR2 adventure, dealing with a contract to remove a toxic shaman from a toxic waste dump. My poor hacker was fairly useless in this regard, except as a communication hub between the party and the recon spirits being controlled by our astrally projected shaman. I gotta say that I finally learned just how damned useful spirit conjuring is in Shadowrun.

Interestingly enough, the GM is mostly keeping the hacking and Matrix concepts from Shadowrun 4th edition: commlinks, Augmented Reality?AROs, PANs, etc, etc. In fact, it seems that he will just use the hacking stuff from 4E and use the 2E rules for everything else. I think this will work fine in play. Hell, we've essentially been winging the hacking stuff this entire time.

Hackmaster has stalled out due to scheduling conflicts. Is it because I didn't buy enough scabbards? (Just kidding, Chris, just kidding)

Since I have this entire week off (spring break holla), I might try to catch up on my reading and my gaming-related reading. Right now I want to finish reading OpenQuest and Stars Without Number, and I also want to begin my clumsy attempts to create a working version of RIFTS using the West End Games d6 system. (Mostly "kitbashing", as they call it, using Star Wars Deluxe Revised Super Mondo edition and d6 Space, with perhaps some help from Mini-Six and d6 Fantasy for the magic.) I'd like to see the RIFTS campaign continue, but I know the rules and system are causing poor Mindy a lot of frustration. Of course, I can't actually post any of my work, because I'll almost certainly be sued. Sad trombone.


  1. That trading issue is what skill checks were invented for... have someone roll the result every time they reach port, and shuffle the book keeping off to the d6th dimension...

  2. The hacking bits have always been one of the more problematic parts of Shadowrun (maybe CP2020, too, but I wouldn't know as all my PCs always played "Solos").

  3. I am -so bored- with the trading and cargo runs and book keeping. I want space adventure! That's what I signed up for. When I game, making money only serves as a means to an end for more adventuring, so when all the game is about is making money, I'd rather sign off and go play something more exciting. If I wanted to book keep in a game I'd play Kingdom of Kefflings.

    I am pretty bummed about not getting to play Stars Without Number though.

  4. I hate the hacking parts of shadowrun, because they break the cooperative nature of gaming. Now if I do a shadowrun adventure I make the hackers strictly NPCs, and the PCs have to choose a good one then do a roll for how much info they get (or something similar).

    Sommer Leigh, can't you hire some kind of castellane for the ship and just have him/her/it handle the trading?

  5. While some of your games don;t get off the ground and other explode in the hangar, I think it's bitchin' the way you guys keep at it, trying different stuff and having fun while at it. Man, I gots to game!

  6. faustusnotes- I'm not even going with the skill check, I'm hand waving it entirely. In the default rules, though, Traveller has a chart you're supposed to roll on to determine number of passengers, amounts of cargo, etc. as modified by the planet you're on and the planet you're going to. I find it amusing at first, but now it's just tedious.

    Sommer- Perhaps you can play in Mindy's SWN game when she gets it off the ground. Maybe our Friday group will later change it's mind.

    Christian- I, too, gots to game. Hope you find some time between all the new house stuff.