Friday, April 15, 2011

First Con of the Season

Tomorrow I am attending Constellation, a new and humble con running for its second year in my hometown. I'm going with several members of my Sunday group, as well as a friend who was in my AD&D1 game from awhile back.

For once, I don't feel the manic need to slap together a game to run at the last minute. I think I'm just going to enjoy this one as a tourist... maybe watch some bad sci-fi, play some board games, and abuse the hospitality in the con suite. I am unable to drink this year, unfortunately, but the silver lining is that I don't risk a repeat of the Great Scotch Fiasco from last year. (Not nearly as exciting or scandalous as it sounds) I will potentially see some folks from my old college sci-fi club, as well as those non-gaming nerds I seem to run into only at conventions. I shall also dine at Taco Inn, for it is supreme among bad/cheap taco eateries.

If we get there in time, I might actually give the Serenity RPG a try. Aside from that, I expect to play some Talisman, Omega Virus, and perhaps some Chrononauts. It should be a good time.

Since we're only going up for the day, I plan to run Stars Without Number normally this Sunday. Having just finished my umpteen millionth play through of Mass Effect 2, I've got sci-fi a'coursin' through my veins.

I believe I shall get off this computer, put on some Robotech, and sketch a few notes for SWN. 

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