Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Pet Project

A project has recently taken root in my mind, and I find it growing rapidly despite a million other things that should really be higher priority...

I'm converting a Certain Game with a setting I dig and rules I absolutely loath to Stars Without Number. (Well, a bastardized Stars Without Number/D&D hybrid, really... but SWN is based on D&D...snake eating it's tail... hobby/mental illness, etc, etc, etc.) I'm not going to name the game, lest I be stricken with Litigation From Above (and this publisher doesn't seem to be scurrrred when it comes to the courtroom), but should it happen I will take my work down and continue it in secret. (I'm thinking a cabin in the woods, manifesto-style)

Anyway, this game has five character classes: Warrior, Magic-User, Adventurer/Scholar, Psychic, and DeeBee/Alien. The classes are broad. Each class has a specialization package similar to the training packages in SWN.

Some of the Warrior specialties include things like Cyborg, Juicer, Power Armor Pilot, Psi-Knight, etc.
Some of the Magic-User specialties include Ley Line Master and Elementalist.
Some of the Adventurer/Scholar specialties include Renegade Scholar, City Runner, and BodyDoc.
The DeeBee/Alien class actually includes a number of race-classes, a la the elf, dwarf, and halfling of older D&D. Instead of a class "specialty," each specialty is actually a different race. Some examples would be K-9s, Gracklejaws, etc.

The gun and armor Tech Levels from SWN would be appropriated to simulate the damage scales from the original game, particularly weapons that can blow right through certain armor, and certain armor that is impervious to certain weapons. This scale, however, will be far less extreme... Hit Points will still matter.

Psychic powers will probably be lifted from SWN, with a few converted in from the original source material.
Skills will work more like SWN than like the original game.
Magic...well, I might just steal it wholesale from D&D, converting over the relatively few spells I like from the original game. I might even turn the old spell slot system into a simple spell point system.

So far, this is about all I have... not very in depth, but the more I think about it, the more appealing the idea is. Incidentally, my RI- er, one of the GMs from my Sunday game, Mindy, seems quite supportive of my efforts.

The purpose of this project is only to create a set of house rules for my Sunday group to enjoy a Certain Game without having to constantly modify the rules for our own sanity. We love the setting, we just.... yeah. I'm sure you get the idea. 


  1. See? See? Now you know what I'M talking about when I try to convert Star Wars and Shadowrun and Warlords of Russia (whoop! well...not that last one just yet...).
    ; )

  2. How did I miss this post before!! Mega...oops.

  3. No idea. I have let it fall a bit by the wayside due to work, but earlier this afternoon I found myself briefly daydreaming about it. I will soon have an abundance of free time in which to develop it further, so say tuned. ;)

  4. Rifts is my favorite campaign setting ever, however, every time I dust off my Rifts books and sit down to make up a character/review the rules I shake my head and put them back on shelf. Interested in hearing/seeing what you work up. SWN rocks!