Saturday, April 16, 2011

....or not.

So... Mike went ahead of us to the convention with his son. He reported back to us that the con was mostly a lot of complaining... the scheduled games were not being run, and in fact it seemed that little was to be had in the way of gaming. Two of the folks I was going with ended up not going, so I held an impromptu gaming day at my house. (I had to do a bit of excavating and decontamination, as it had not been used by other gamers since the AD&D campaign) We ended up playing Talisman and Betrayal at House on the Hill, which aren't rpgs but are damn fun board games. Right now we're throwing together characters so Josh can put us through a Deadlands "one sheet" adventure downloaded from Pinnacle's website. I love the fact that Pinnacle has something like two dozen ready-do-go adventures for a variety of their settings, as well as generic genre stuff.

Honestly, this kind of puts me out of the convention mood this year. There's a new big-ish (for the Midwest) one in town I will probably attend with the missus, because we probably won't go to our usual local con this year on account of a wedding that we are apparently invited to.

The day wasn't a total loss... I saved twenty bucks and a quarter tank of gas. We had fun and are actually still having fun. (Deadlands starts in about 15 minutes) Tomorrow our usual Sunday bunch will be playing Stars Without Numbers, starting a little bit early. 

Yeah, here's to Basement Con 1! All the gaming goodness without the awkward cosplayers.


  1. Sorry to hear it fizzled...I've had two emails in the last two days regarding our local "big convention" (Dragonflight). It's that time o year, I guess.
    ; )

  2. Honestly, I probably had more fun this way... you know how I am about gamer xenophobia...

  3. That's to bad. I didn't hear about Constelation my self until I was a pretz con. Which went really well. I was smiling ear to ear after. At one point on Saturday it was clear they did't have enough room and that they'll need a bigger place next year.

  4. I wanted to go to PretzCon, but it was a hectic weekend... I will definitely have to go next year. You aren't the only person who has said good things about it. In the meantime, I'll have to keep my ear to the ground for one of those NukeCon gaming days; I've never been disappointed by NukeCon.

  5. Next one is June 25th at Ground Zero Bellevue.

    Lots of gaming in June. Contagion outbreak June 10-12th. I'm going to run some odd ball things there. Fiasco and Freemarket for sure. Late night Serinity, cause it fits with the theme. Supposed to be a Firefly larp that might or might not include Jewel Staite.

    Also free rpg day at the game shoppe, June 18th. I'm going to run the DCC rpg quickstart and someone is running the FFG 40k quickstart.

    Man. I sound like a commercial. :)