Saturday, April 2, 2011

Xenophobia Wins Again

Today, I was perusing the Boneyard (used game section) of my Local Game Store when I overheard a patron who was selling off some old D&D stuff. He was lamenting the fact that his favorite versions of D&D were old D&D and Pathfinder, and that he couldn't find anyone local who likes the old games and that his 3.5 group split because he wanted to switch to Pathfinder and they all hate Pathfinder. (Oh, how I love these endless schisms and's almost like we're all Protestants!)

For a moment, I considered chatting him up and telling him that I know plenty of people who are into older versions of D&D, and that I have run such in the recent past. I also thought about telling him that Josh, from my Sunday game, is interested in starting up a game of Pathfinder.

Ah, but I didn't.

I remained silent. I let him leave the store.

...and I rummaged through the shit he sold as soon as the store clerk put it on the shelves.

Basic D&D character sheets, unused. (Basic as in "elf is a character class") Snapped up.
Gamma World 4th edition (That would be TSR's 4th edition from the early 90's not the Hasbro 4th edition) Snapped up, mainly as a sourcebook for Mutant Future.
DMG 1st edition, PHB 2nd edition, Unearthed Arcana...passed up, as I own all three.
Tome of Magic, briefly considered but passed up. I may go back and get it tomorrow.

Oh, I've also been engaged in a bit of game book profiteering lately. I managed to sell my copy of that much-maligned MERPS book I picked up a few months back... bought it for six bucks, sold it for thirty. I also sold a copy of Dungeons & Zombies (fantasy supplement for AFMBE) for three times what I paid for it.
My copy of Rogue Trader (the recent Black Industries version, not the old Games Workshop version) is also on the chopping block.

Stars Without Number starts tomorrow. I need to do a little more prep work, so I will conclude this blog entry and get it done.


  1. If it's the 2e Tome of Magic, I wouldn't bother. Horrible book. Makes clerics insanely, stupidly powerful by basically making them a Zerox machine for bulk goods and similar other shenanigans. Trollsmyth gives it an F-.

  2. Aww, how could you not tell the poor dude about the OSR? :) 2e Tome of Magic does have wild magic spells which have always interested me, but I've never used in play.

  3. Books snapped up? With ragged claws? Like the ragged, drifting fragments of a carcass, carried by fickle currents across some aquatic gaming wasteland?

    Across the waves can be heard the mournful sighs of characters never rolled as they lament one sad gamer's still-born dreams of old-school D&D.

  4. From those mournful sighs, I hear the gregorian chants from the Arnie classic Conan, the barbarian. You dream of a nordic realm of dire monsters and grand tales of heros. The music builds as the skald of old weaves fantasies of 1st ed AD&D.
    In your future I see a game of High Ad-ven-ture,,,,,

  5. I was surprised at the prices my MERP stuff fetched on eBay.

    Why no love for Rogue Trader? I'd heard that the game system was WFRP 2e, in space.

  6. Because the book is thick enough to stop a bullet, and I'm just not into that kind of thing anymore. I've also decided that my sci-fi needn't be Grim and Dark with Grimdark Grimness.

  7. RPGers as Protestants.

    Snerk. ;)