Saturday, May 21, 2011

Findin' Some Paths

Last night I ran the first session of my Pathfinder game. I had a lot more fun than I was expecting to. The game started out a little rough, since most of the people at the table hadn't played d20 (or, in some cases, any game) in several years, but by the end everything came together.

Because I was very busy this last week (end of the school year- had to get finals written, administered, graded, etc), I used an old 3.0 adventure, slightly redone to fit my needs. It ended up being pretty difficult, and also delivered enough experience for the party to level up the first night... that has never happened in any game I have ever run. (Usually I am pretty stingy with treasure and my level gaining is a bit slow) I think it's actually a nice change of pace to hit the ground running. My next session will be entirely of my own design and will not instantly level the characters. (Then again, I will be having a lot more free time in the near future...squee.)

It was nice to game again. The party consists of my wife, her best friend, Josh from all my other games, and one of the players from my AD&D1st ed game, which came to an end about a year ago this time.

Tomorrow is Deadlands Reloaded, run by Josh. My Stars Without Number game will resume June 5th. I have been invited to play in a GURPS game, but I am actually losing enthusiasm for it the more I think about it.

Oh, and we still haven't settled the issue of what to call people from Gildred.


  1. The Gildreaded-because sensible people fear them...?

  2. Assuming you are not caught up in the rapture tonight!

  3. "Gildredians."

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    What I want to do when I hear old schoolers going back to D20.